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August 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

The devastation in the eastern reaches of Clan Ironmound is more than most had expected. Sure rumors and tales of the destruction had spread across the continent, but words alone cannot truly carry the impact that one feels when seeing the damage first hand. By the time most members of this aid mission arrived in the area, Ironmound had already devoted several months of concerted effort toward clean up and yet there are still many villages that are populated more with fallen homes and collapsed mines than anything resembling a concerted rebuilding effort. This sight helps bring the breadth of the destruction into focus, even after many months of effort, Ironmound alone hasn’t been able to see to many of their own villages. The initial damage must have been beyond catastrophic.


Aside from the rubble and damage there are a handful of other sights that stand out to those arriving in the area. Alongside the Ironmound workers there appear to be other helping hands already elbow and shoulder deep in the reconstruction effort. A small group of colonists working under the banner of Silvers Crossing sing songs heralding from the Fire Isle home of The Phoenix while they toil, seemingly keeping their fellow labourers in good spirits. Alongside them toils an equal sized group of Ulven bearing the marks and heraldry of Pack Bloodmoon of Clan Nightriver. Both of these groups are dwarfed by the blazing red feathers of The Broken Blade Company who immediately stand out as having already spent a great deal of time and effort among the people of Ironmound. Several carts of supplies line the work areas bearing the insignia of the Broken Blade. It becomes abundantly clear that they have been here for months already and have donated much to the cause already.


As the first days of the month fall away more and more people spill into the area. At first the Ulven of Clan Ironmound are a bit bristly, but as the number of helpers and labourers continues to rise they soften up and welcome the newcomers with open arms before quickly directing them to areas that they could be most helpful. By mid-month the area is swarming with seemingly altruistic groups individuals and groups. Some new banners can be seen in the area emblazoned with the letters UCUM as well as some banners bearing the iconography of The Order of Arnath’s Light. All-in-all together everyone makes an impressive force.

The month toils on. Days are filled with sweat and back-breaking labor and nights are filled with song and drink. Occasionally stories drift into the villages of bandits clashing with patrols in the nearby wilds, but none of these assaults seem to be of too much note. Some of these reports tell of a bandit leader named Killy and with this comes word that she is the same bandit who’d committed infanticide during a tense hostage situation a few years back. Apparently she’s again managed to skulk away with life and limb. By the end of the month people from all parts of Mardrun find themselves surrounded by friends, new and old, tempered in the heat of labor and quenched in the soothing embrace of joy-filled nights around the fire.

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