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August 18th 2018 – Whiteoak Warfront Event – New Lisbon, WI

All across Mardrun, the pieces in the large scale project that is the Shield of Mardrun continue to move. Logistical requirements and infighting among the Clans were feared to erode this effort but the hard work of those involved as continued to pay off. The mordok have been pushed back or kept in control among the northern borders. Despite some of the odd movements and tactics of the mordok, it looks like the Shield of Mardrun may prove to be successful.

However, the largest weakpoint in the Shield of Mardrun is throughout the territories of Clan Whiteoak. Suffering a defeat earlier this year, the brave efforts of Clan Whiteoak warriors and supporting allies were able to push back and re-secure the lost northern territory. Two months ago, the fighting was intense and cost the lives of a number of Whiteoak. Determined not to be the “weak point” in the Shield of Mardrun, Clan Whiteoak has shown that they wish to see this through.

Now, a counter offensive is being planned in order to take back the lost outpost. The mordok in the area have lost their momentum and find themselves unable to fight back against large numbers, but even a light presence could slow down Clan Whiteoak’s efforts. While several war packs will move through the territories nearby to help drive back any mordok, a group needs to be sent directly to the outpost and take advantage of this movement of warriors in the area. This could make establishing the outpost a bit difficult as supplies need to be carried in or expensive wagon caravans used to deliver them once the location is secure.

During this martial conflict, there is also political turmoil. Clan Axhound continues to be a thorn in Clan Whiteoak’s side. With the murder… or disappearance… of the Pack Redwind negotiator several months ago, it seems that most of the traction gained in getting these two clans to finally set aside their grudges is lost. However, Pack Redwind is sending another person to the area to learn about what happened previously and to attempt to continue peace talks. The Whiteoak Warpack leader in charge of this mission is rather influential; coordinating with this leader could find ways to get Clan Whiteoak to agree to certain terms.

Both the martial strength of Clan Whiteoak’s northern border and the political tension between the two clans will be influenced heavily by the actions and focus of those choosing to assist during this counter-offensive.



The Sun held high in the sky, dipping behind the occasional cloud, as a band of brave adventurers joined with the forces of Chieftain Knut Frostflow and a collection of caravan guards with one collective goal: retake and bolster the Whiteoak Outpost that had been lost to the Mordok in the previous months. Heat, Mordok, narrow trails, and the discovery of a viscerally disturbing corruption idol all interfered with the party’s ability to move their caravan to the abandoned outpost, but through grit and determination the various people were able to come together and press through and retake the outpost, but they did not do so without some loss. Along the path many warriors sustained life-threatening wounds and others had much of their equipment damaged. Once in the outpost they were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Within minutes of arrival the sounds of blacksmiths and drums rang out, echoing through the landscape as healers began their work of tending to wounds.

Throughout the day Mordok came in sporadic, small groups, but they fought with strength and intensity when they made their presence known. Allied warriors have reported several sightings of Mordok casting powerful spells and some have witnessed rituals of some sort that whipped Mordok warriors into a blind, raging fury. The seemingly excessive use of Mordok magic raised some questions, perhaps there are simply more casters living in the swamp, perhaps the war has stirred more Mordok to action, or perhaps their magic is in a way connected to and bolstered by the blighted landscape of the swamp.

Throughout the day the delegates from Pack Redwind as well as some other interested parties attempted to appeal to the Whiteoak Chieftain to impress on him the importance of bridging peace between Whiteoak and Axhound. Though the Chieftain listened to all appeals with relative politeness, there were no arguments strong enough to sway his opinion. The Redwind delegates are forced to return home with nothing to show for their attempts.

As the day progressed and the adventurers began to feel they had a strong hold over the outpost, they began to turn their attention outward. A party was dispatched to cleanse and destroy the corruption idol that had been discovered on the way toward the outpost. The idol itself didn’t seem to be out of the ordinary, but that didn’t stop the Mordok from making an attempt to defend their work. Luckily, stalwart warriors were able to defend their magically-focused counterparts as they poured themselves into a ritual cleansing. Previous experience with idols allowed the present Daughter of Gaia to gain invaluable insight into the corrupted idol while simultaneously cleansing and destroying it and while t may take the young Daughter-in-Training a while to process what she gleaned from her ritual, there is little doubt that her knowledge will prove useful in the future.

Running high on their previous successes another party was dispatched to locate and return supplies from a caravan that had reportedly gone missing months prior. They were able to quickly discover the cart and surrounding it were the obvious signs of battle. Though the contents of the cart were strewn about, the adventurers were able to recover a good deal of supplies that were delivered to the outpost without much issue.

As the day came to an end the Mordok presence seemed to dwindle, no doubt frustrated by the walls of the outpost and distracted by the battles with the surrounding warpacks. The day was a resounding success and the outpost was able to truly relax for the first time.


== PHOTOS ==
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