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August 18th-19th, 2017 – Turning the Tables


Following the destruction of Clan Riverhead, the Mordok appeared to split into three main groups. The first has stayed in the Great Forest and continued to harass any who attempt to enter the area, the second has traveled back north and has returned to attacking Clan Whiteoak albeit from the south this time, and the third has made it’s way into the Greatwolf’s Hackles. Some unsubstantiated reports indicate that the Mordok in The Hackles are starting to alter their clothing and armor to better suit their environment, and that they have began constructing clusters of primitive lean tos (a claim which experts on the Mordok mock, stating that what has been found is the remains of a hobo shanty town). Nevertheless, rumors abound that this may be the start of a new breed of “Mountain Mordok”. Holmar Bloodmoon has offered a bounty (to be paid from his own pockets) on these Mordok, stating that the danger is too great to wait on Branthur Nightriver’s indecision. Supporters of Branthur deride Holmar’s bounty as a political stunt designed to purchas support from not only the warriors of Clan Nightriver, but also warriors from outside the Clan. Branthur loyalist insist that these Mountain Mordok will return to the swamp with the snows that will come in a few short months.


Following Holmar’s declaration of bounties on the Mordok, adventurers made their way to the mountains to seek glory or riches. Others followed suit with the intention to help or protect their homes from this threat. Collecting in small camps scattered throughout the mountains, many were surprised to be joined by warriors from Clan Grimward. Moving troops so close to Nightriver territory was a violation of the treaty signed many months ago, in spirit if not letter. They came with a purpose, however, and for that reason they were not rebuked.

Small bands were organized throughout the days to scour the woods and search for Mordok. Too many sent out would leave the camp undefended and would scatter the Mordok, rather than crushing them. Too few would be no match for the threat they faced and would fare far worse than their target. The ringing of blacksmith’s hammers and filled tankards filled the air as those who remained in camp worked to keep spirits high and armor repaired, though they could not always drown out the cries of pain from the healer’s mats following the return of a hunting party. Shortly after the departure of one such group, the camp inhabitants were called upon to draw steel and spell against an unexpected visitor: a dead body, reanimated by some form of magic, shambled nearly to the center of camp before finally being destroyed and properly disposed of. Still, more than a dozen Mordok were eradicated the first night, their teeth collected as trophies to collect payment.
The next day, the Mordok seemed to grow wise to the adventurers’ plan of setting ambushes for them to fall into, and would move throughout the forest with alarming speed and numbers. Accompanied by a number of shamans including the Shepard Bannica Yulrude, this concentrated effort pushed the Ulven and their allies into a defensive position where they could plan their next move. It was ultimately decided that a dedicated push on the camp from which the Mordok were arriving was the only way to truly unseat them from the region and destroy their presence before they established a strong foothold. Packing up most of their camp to establish a forward base close to the Mordok village, the adventurers split into two groups to keep constant pressure on the Mordok during the fight. Wave after wave of the beasts spewed forth from their huts until finally their leader stepped forward. Wielding a solid slab of metal as a shield, the alpha took blow after blow until it became overwhelmed and submitted itself to a ritual. The beating of drums and the chants from the whelps around it seemed to reinvigorate the alpha, closing wounds and allowing it to fight on. Through sheer persistence, the foul being was finally felled and the Mordok driven from the area.

Click the link below to see pictures from this event:


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