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April 30th, 2016 – Amidst Great Change (Serai Outpost event)


Pre-Event Summary
News of the recent reappearance of the Mordok reaches all across Mardrun. Reports come in from numerous Clans; the Mordok are back, more organized than ever, and bring with them a corruption that cannot be cleansed. This has worried many of the Ulven and also a number of adventurers and colonists as well, especially after a number of victims were corrupted recently during Mordok attacks.

News of the upcoming campaign by Clan Stormjarl and New Aldoria to hire warriors and pay coin for allies for their invasion of Clan Squallborn, despite the reemergence of the Mordok, spreads like wildfire. However, there has been an emphasis on the ulven people staying their hand at further violence and instead dealing with this new threat. The Bos Mezar outpost near the village of Serai has been chosen as a meeting place for a number of adventurers and representatives for Clans looking to solve this issue. This is mainly due to the fact that an ulven villager of Serai, a recent addition to their populace, has come forward proclaiming that they are in fact a Lorespeaker and have knowledge about different forms of corruption. Fearing being apprehended and bound by the other Clans, they have come forward with this information in exchange for freedom guaranteed by the Clans. A complex set of ritual material and ancient ulven texts has been given to the collective group as a whole in order to help deal with this threat. This, combined with the wild and unique reagents known to grow on the outskirts of the swamp, could provide enough research material to begin to understand this new and dangerous weapon of the Mordok or possibly find a cleansing ritual to cure it.

As several representatives and adventurers make their way to the Bos Mezar outpost near Serai, the gravity of the situation is made well known as reports confirm that those afflicted by this new corruption continue to worsen.

Post-Event Summary
As adventurers from all over Mardrun assembled at the outpost near Serai, the research material handed over by the Lorespeaker proved to be quite a challenge to those wanting to do extensive research. Puzzles unveiling clues through divine magic or sensitive arcane circuits needed to be figured out before enough details could be pieced together to create a possible cleansing ritual. The Clan Spiritclaw Truthseeker that arrived asked for information about the missing Truthseeker he was sent to meet and a group ventured far to the north into the swamp. They came upon a grisly sight and evidence detailing out what happened and confirmed that the Truthseeker had been viciously killed by mordok. More clues to this grisly scene eluded the group and as they returned they were set upon by mordok. A harrowing fighting retreat took place with several falling wounded to the mordok attack. Once back at the outpost, wounds and equipment were tended to and research continued. A crippled man approached the outpost and delivered a message to a few that would listen… cryptic words about the corruption and a possible cure.

In the morning, a small group set out to the meeting place described by the crippled man and, to their dismay, the Red Eyed Syndar emerged with his mordok guards. A lengthy exchange took place that led to expanding the corruption influence of the Syndar and eventually turned into an attack on the Serai outpost. The mordok were repelled but a dire message was delivered by the Red Eyed Syndar… time is running out and he knows their struggle in finding a cure. As the outpost recovered from the attack, researching the Lorespeaker’s notes became a priority and a few more pieces of information were discovered; enough to potentially piece together a cleansing ritual. However, the rare reagents sighted by Serai hunters were never found and it is unknown how their loss will impact the success of the anti-corruption research.

Click here for pictures of the event!

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