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April 272 – News and Rumors

Robins sing their songs and flowers begin to poke up from the ground. The planting season is well underway and News and Rumors fall across the landscape like a chilled spring rain.

Reports continue to come from Clan Shattered Spear regarding the strange happenings at their remote village. The Clan has diverted some of their people who were aiding in the resettlement of Riverhead Lands and have established a formal forward camp to try to reach out to the villagers and settle the bizarre matter peacefully. This choice will delay the resettlement efforts, but Riverhead understands the need to attend to these bizarre circumstances. Luckily the efforts put forward in March to cleanse the area of ambient corruption eased the logistics of setting up the forward camp and allowed Shattered Spear to more quickly turn their attention toward the village. Unfortunately, at this time it seems that Shattered Spear has not yet been able to reach the villagers in any meaningful way. Some reports come back that the villagers have begun to barricade all the entrances in an attempt to wait out the Shattered Spear Forces. Sometime through the middle of the month a hawk arrived in Shattered Spear Village from the remote villagers. It requested aid to come and help defend their village against a Mordok siege and boasted the resolve of the villagers and sang their own praises of the great number of Mordok that they have defeated and driven back.

Rumors begin to swirl through the streets of Newhope following last month’s proclamation of a new Councilor. Though no official word has been given yet, it is not long before people are able to piece together rumors and it’s fairly clear that the new council member will be a Serous Syndar named Aailmyr. Over the last few years Aailmyr has become an increasingly noteworthy lower noble in the Syndar community around the City of Newhope. He is well regarded by the Syndar populace and has proven himself time and time again to be a strong advocate for the needs of the people of all races living in his district as well as the Syndar people as a whole. With City-State research being unloaded from the council and placed on Ravens University, the open seat on the council will have the ability to focus far more on the growth of culture and the continued success of the city itself. An official proclamation is expected soon.

Murmurs swirl around the docks of Aylin’s Reach. Word has come down from on high that Aylin is ready to move forward with settling and setting up a harbor on one of the larger uninhabited islands to the North East of Clan Whiteoak. This land will drastically increase the overall size of Aylin’s Reach and bolster their access to raw resources as well as create an area that could serve as a hub and harbor for ships traveling in the North East Sea of Mardrun and could act as a supply-stop for excursions into the swamp from it’s eastern shores. Prospective settlers vibrate with excitement over this upcoming new venture.

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