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April 2022 – Village of Brattsholt

Despite the lingering clutch of winter early on in the month, spring finally arrives across the continent. Small settlements and villages start making preparations and early plantings for some crops are right around the corner. Merchants move across the land delivering goods and people tend to their daily lives.
The village of Brattsholt, originally a Clan Nightriver village, rests just on the edge of the City-State of Newhope border. Over the years the village has grown as colonists have moved into the area, leading to a multi-cultural populace. While it is technically still on Nightriver lands, the locals joke about how it’s equally shared among the territories.Word has spread that even the areas of Clan Goldenfield have not been safe from banditry on the roads, leading many to wonder about the security of the area even though there has been no real cause for concern. Shady individuals seem to congregate near the borders of territories, able to conveniently disappear from one territory to another in order to avoid getting caught. Some have expressed worry that the amount of attention this small village and the surrounding farmlands is receiving may not always be beneficial. Brattsholt finds itself in an entirely different position as it is naturally defended from bandits traveling from nearby lands, and its position between Newhope and Clan Nightriver allows it to receive a moderately paced response for any pre-spotted danger.One of the local community leaders has been spreading the word that the village is welcoming travelers to come and visit, to buy and sell their goods, and to participate in a small celebration to welcome the coming of spring. Brattsholt isn’t wealthy by any means, but has a fair amount of nearby farms and newly improved merchant roads that connect to it. There is also payable work to be done for tilling fields and preparing new land for the locals; it may not be exciting but it’s honest work, and who knows what kind of juicy gossip one might learn from visiting the locals? One rumor spreading is that the leader has obtained a special payment for whoever prepares the most land for the upcoming seed planting.UPDATE:
A simple day-in-the-life in the Village of Brattsholt territory took a sudden turn when a group of armored raiders showed up in the territory. Mistaken for bandits at first, the reality soon became clear as the group was better equipped and driven to fight, bearing no heraldry or Ulven Clan markings or any sort. Presumably landing by longship on the coast nearby, they first struck the outlying farms and killied the farmers. They then moved towards high-traffic roads and outlying village areas, burning things down and sacking it of loot as they went. Left unopposed, their impact on the countryside was considerable.
Trying to barter for their safety but being presented with an incredibly steep cost of silver to have the raiders turn back, the visitors to Brattsholt devised a plan to put up a defense of the village, weathering a savage push from the raiders. Arrows, spells, and steel was exchanged with neither side able to drive the other back. As mana ran low, wounds piled up, and armor was damaged, the raiders finally retreated but with promises to return.
The defenders devised a plan to get the villagers out; what the raiders didn’t know is that during the attack, a group was being escorted to safety during the chaos. When the raiders returned, the defenders yielded the village and escaped to join the villagers, staying together for an extended fighting retreat lest the handful of raiders looking for blood cut them down during their retreat.
Although the entire countryside was sacked and farms burned and the village of Brattsholt overrun and looted, the defenders that came to the aid of the villagers were able to save almost every villager and escort them to safety. The terrible cost of life the Raiders could have extracted was stopped by the efforts of multiple groups and adventurers in the village. The Raiders left as fast as they arrived, leaving the ruins of their efforts for the survivors of Brattsholt to tend to, escaping back along the coast to wherever they came from.

Lilith Nightriver, local job and task coordinator of the village, wrote a letter to share with those that would listen based on the events than unfolded.

“I wept as I returned to the village of my birth. Like so many here my life was spent playing in the fields and forests, running around the market stalls and weaving in and out of the many crowds of people gathering at the town center. I remember those warm days as a child fondly and have worked my years since to keep this village for the generations that follow.

The now burnt and crumbled remnants that surround me make my heart ache. What was to have been a joyous celebration of new life and beginnings turned to destruction. Had it not been for the many hands that helped defend the village and those that lead our townsfolk to safety I fear that the outcome would have been far worse.

The days ahead will be long and sorrowful as we piece our town back together but we will rebuild! Brattsholt will once again be a village the children can feel safe to explore and play, where the townsfolk will feel at home in the tavern playing a rousing game of dice with their friends, both new and old.

My heartfelt thanks are with everyone that stood by us through this and with those that will stand by us in the future to come!

Lilith Nightriver”

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