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April 269

With the coming and passing of April, spring begins to fight back against the clutches of winter as the continent begins to stir from the long freeze.

The lands of Clans Nightriver and Clan Goldenfield have been busy this past month. Many laborers have been hard at work clearing trails and roads of brush and stone to make way for improved roads. While they have only recently started this venture, both clans hope to create a series of main roads to help expedite trade caravans and allow for greater ease for those guarding them as they travel along these new roads.

The guards of Newhope are baffled by the recent string of killings occurring in the outlying villages. These individuals and families seemed to have been butchered in their own homes, either sleeping or at the dinner table. The City Guard of Newhope continues their hunt for this mysterious mass murderer which plagues the common folk.

Fisherfolk from Clan Stormjarl report of a monstrous shark spotted while diving for clams and fishing further out. While large creatures like sharks are not unheard of off the coast, what made this shark different from the others was that it was easily around twenty feet long at only a glance. While the divers and fisherfolk were able to get some distance from the beast, it was still a close call. One diver noted the large amount of scars on its snout across its body, even mentioning a broken harpoon in its flank.

To the north in the Great Wolf’s Forest, some Clan Axehound lumberjacks were hard at work when they found what appeared to be a small shrine or totem inside a small grove. While the grove didn’t look recently inhabited, the totem did look as if it was built within the last year. When one of the lumberjacks touched it however, he screamed in agony and fell to the ground. When he was brought before a Daughter of Gaia, it was later revealed the individual had contracted Creeping Corruption.

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