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April 268

The past month, much and more has been discovered by the expeditions, however there are many happenings and gears in motion in the world.


To the North, along the Shield of Mardrun, the remnants of the former Order of the Fist continues their penance crusade. For months they have been spotted fighting Mordok with a religious fervor that even seems to scare some of their numerous foes. However, they have been noted to be working themselves to the bone, slowly wearing down in both body and mind. They were last seen taking back Serai from a small group of Mordok that stationed there.


It seems that the Ulven Clans are a bustle of activity, mostly in the political sense, after the reveal of the Ironward Alliance. It seems multiple clans are in the process of beginning to garner the same idea, Shattered Spear and Whiteoak, Nightriver and Goldenfield, Whiteoak and Axehound, and more. It seems the political stage of the Ulven will be the main focus for a couple more months to come.


However, there is one Clan that is in talks with nobody at the moment, Clan Squallborn.. The clan seems to be trying to handle the internal strife within its borders after the harsh winter nearly brought it to its knees. Rumor has it that its neighboring clans are eyeing up Squallborn for possible expansion.


Around the colonies, merchant and trade guilds are growing restless as the bandit issue continues to grow. Many have lost considerable amounts over the winter and spring months, and they are not seeing any action on resolving the issue. Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis has spoken and said that she will be focusing New Hope guards and forces into reinforcing the main roads in the City-State and warns Merchants that if they are planning to leave the area that they should hire well trained guards until New Hope can resolve the situation.


In Aylin’s Reach the people are becoming increasingly pleased with their expanding city and villages. The portside city is growing in size and count faster and faster as new shops and services appear. As of this past month an tavern, a labor guild, and a lictor courts have been erected. It seems that the Prince and his advisors are not slowing their pace either, for it is rumored that many more plans for the Reach lie in the works.

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