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April 267

Whispers of a coming conflict facing the Order of Arnath have emerged as troops seem to be retreating within the sturdy walls of Starkhaven. Fist Lions and militia stationed in Serai have made preparations to return home, and it seems the Light has been caught by surprise by these actions. Maybe there was just a miscommunication?


To the north, Clan Ironmound has been hard at work supplying the materials necessary to construct a string of military outposts along the Shield of Mardrun. Through this grueling effort, hammers rang and forges flared; songs to the Great Wolf were raised, yet their spirits grew as tired as their limbs. Many smiths of Ironmound are armorsmiths or weaponsmiths eager to forge tools of war for their brothers and sisters. They have found a great honor in forging tools for the outposts to be sure, but their passionate fires have not been stoked as of late. They have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, however, as the orders for the outposts have been filled slowly but surely. Soon, they can tell themselves, we can return to crafting blades, shields, and mail!


In reference to her recent departure from Newhope’s ruling council, Governess Katherine has officially renamed the settlement of Daven’s Reach to Daven’s Hold. She has also taken to improving the infrastructure and economy of the settlement, taking a far more involved route than she had previously. Her most recent efforts have been to establish exports from the town, while Baron Montesque helps to administer agricultural reform. Lady Al-Azarma, while still removed from any position of official power, has been called upon to advise the Governess in matters of culture, magic, and education. Time will tell how effective these new initiatives prove to be.

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