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April 266 – News and Rumors

Mordok pressure on Clan Riverhead has begun to reach a breaking point. Already the creatures have pressed through and nearly separated the clan’s territory in half. Allies from across Mardrun have sent troops to push back the Mordok, but they are at best only slowing the assault. Calls from Clan Ironmound have echoed across the continent, desperately calling for unity in the face of these unprecedented attacks. To the south, however, old wounds fester and sting as Clans Whiteoak and Axhound continue their attacks on each other, neither willing to commit troops to the Mordok if the other does not do so first. Other clans, inspired by Clan Grimward, are focusing the bulk of their efforts inward, reinforcing their own defenses before reaching out to their allies with too great a commitment. Whatever their motivations, Clan Riverhead will be hard pressed to survive this attack without more aid in the very near future.

Further to the south, a great commotion erupted around the settlement of Daven’s Reach. Now once again in Newhope lands, the City-state declared an effort to retake the town by any means necessary, and called for allies to share in the glory and spoils of this feat. Led by Baroness Katherine herself, the troops of Newhope marched side-by-side with their allies against the keep. In a show of great mercy, these forces scraped together a sizable sum of silver to repay the honest workers who had lived in the Reach for the improvements they had made and they agreed to stand aside and let the attackers clean out the less repentant. Many lives were saved by the gesture, though the battle that commenced was bloody nonetheless. Arrows and rocks fell from the ramparts as the attackers crashed their wooden ram against the gate for what seemed like hours. At long last the gate fell, and shortly thereafter, so did the defenders. Those that could barricaded themselves in buildings throughout the Reach, which would have forced a longer, bloodier conflict if the attackers had pressed. They were soon replaced, however, by the fresh troops who had called Daven’s Reach home, who had stood down before the fighting began. By the rising of the sun, Daven’s Reach was once again in the hands of Baroness Katherine.

Spurred on by the recent deal to part with a large portion of Nightriver territory, the name and cause of Holmar Bloodmoon have both been spoken of in more blunt terms. Some call this a fearful act with the human population growing too large to safely control should their demeanor change. Others mention the leverage over such a large population that is now forfeit, pointing to the City-state’s focus on their Great Work rather than pushing back the Mordok. Most of the population, however, confident in Branthur’s decision, argue that this was the honorable choice: the humans and Syndar have fought beside the Ulven for long enough and shown their tenacity. They have earned this land.

Led by a group of adventurers near the Dirge Swamp, a Newhope official was sent to Shattered Spear territory to oversee the reconstruction of a ruined outpost along the swamp’s border. Foregoing the farmstead with which the corruption-curing reagents could possibly be harvested, the workers decided to build a defensive outpost to help stem the tide of Mordok flowing through to the south. Though the day was eventful, the outpost was eventually completed and the Mordok in the area driven off enough to allow the structure to begin operating in full swing.

Newhope is proud to declare that the first round of improvements to their infrastructure has been completed. The great highway stretching from Starkhaven to Crow’s Landing is now operational, allowing much faster and easier travel along its length. Patrols of guards stationed at small posts keep the road relatively bandit-free. The next task of the Great Work, rumored to be a massive trade network, will be put on hold until the fall, as such a task would drain the coffers of Newhope and raise taxes substantially.

Less proud of their discovery, Clan Nightriver continues to struggle with the disappearance of Grimward honor-bound workers. Three more have been reported this month, two of which were in the last week alone. The patience of Clan Grimward is beginning to wear thin on this matter, and it has been rumored that high-ranking representatives for the clan have spent an inordinate amount of time in Nightriver territory. The task has been delegated to Wargah Grimward, Daughter of the Clanleader. She has put out notices asking for any information that might help solve this atrocity.

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