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April 265 – News and Rumors

Across the continent, rumors and tales of this persistent new corruption still abound. Two groups in particular seem to be wholly dedicated to fighting the affliction, though for very different reasons: Clan Spiritclaw has long been devoted to rooting out corruption in all its forms, and their experience and ritualistic knowledge has proved instrumental in staving off the corruption. On the other side of the Great Wolf’s Hackles, Starkhaven has begun calling very vocally for aid in researching a more rudimentary cause for this corruption. After observing it for the last few weeks, seeing its persistence and disease-like behavior, the Order has posited that the corruption is Undead in nature, not of the Mordok. Several Griffins believe the Red-Eyed Syndar’s claims of creating the plague are a desperate grab for attention and a way to instill fear into the hearts of the continent.

One group that has been notably silent in the corruption research has been the colony of Newhope. While the idea of opening the gates of the colony to corrupted individuals as a sanctuary has seeped into many taverns across the continent, very little has been put forth by the colony to aid in the research of the corrupted.

A handful of deaths have been reported due to the corruption, with many stemming from Axhound territory. Representatives from the clan have tried to calm rising fears by explaining that the situation is unfortunate and they are contributing what they can to the corruption research in order to save as many lives as they can, but the majority of their resources are going towards keeping the healthy residents in good condition. In such circumstances, the corrupted are left without sufficient supplies so that their brothers and sisters can live on.

Similarly, the first confirmed case of corruption was seen among the workers in the Pass through the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Without proper healers on hand to help fight the sickness, the workers saw fit to take matters into their own hands. The corrupted individual was ceremonially put down and his body burned in a small ceremony honoring his sacrifice to prevent the spread of the corruption.

According to recent reports, the fighting in Squallborn territory has begun to lose momentum after an explosive first assault. Stormjarl and New Aldorian ships, accompanied by their allies, have landed on the southern tip of Squallborn lands and pushed their way north, suspected to have taken between a third to a half of Squallborn territory in their wake. As the clan rallies to defend its remaining borders, the advance of the New Aldorian and Stormjarl forces is slowed, though much of the damage has already been done.

In other news, to the surprise of many from in and around Newhope, Baroness Catherine has issued a public apology and statement, declaring her intent to allow Daven’s Reach to continue to operate. After her fervent attempts to retake the trade hub that was at one point under her control, the move seems sudden, though many assume it was either the heavy hand of Lord Baron Richards or the new threat of the Mordok that finally cooled her anger.

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