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April 264 – News & Rumors

The colony of Newhope continued to be a flurry of activity as the election for the future leader of the colony took place. Noble estates were host to many colonists coming to cast their vote and Colony Watch guards were everywhere making sure the election remained peaceful. The winner will be chosen amongst members of the Council of Ten and will be released next month in May. Rumors already are spreading as to who will win this monumental election and what agendas they will push for in the future. Nobles continue to gossip about who would be in the running, apparently instigated by some of the Council members themselves.

A large caravan was seen leaving the colony, flying the banners of Baron Richards and Lord Baron Montesque. The recent efforts of the Coalition and reports from some of their representatives have spurred on some of the Council to become more involved in the war. Wagons loaded down with months worth of food and supplies along with two units of veteran soldiers are headed to the Pass of the Great Wolf’s Hackles with the intent of helping bolster defenses there.

News has reached a number of taverns about a good sized fight taking place at Daven’s Reach; Baroness Catherine has hired some Ulven warriors and is making an attempt to take it back from the brigands who seized the property. The makeshift defenses of the Reach have held out, forcing the attackers back by the end of the month. Some worry that news of this reaching the colony could have hurt Baroness Catherine’s clout in the election; her inability to remove a handful of brigands from her merchant outpost a sign of weakness for the potential future colony leader.

Raids and attacks continue to take place all around the continent; Stormjarl continues to press north into some of their lands lost previously to Grimward conquerors, Axhound and Whiteoak continue to conduct raids on each others lands, and Squallborn ships are seen sailing in to reinforce and bolster the blockade between Stormjarl and Nightriver.

News finally reaches the colonies and other Clans; the Western Watchwolves of Luna have surrendered to Clan Grimward. After last month’s devastating blow to the defenses of the settlement and the deaths of hundreds of warriors and villagers, the High Priestess Anjan Ravensmark called for negotiations of surrender. The High Priestess was captured and the bloodied, battered, and proud Watchwolves finally surrendered and gave the settlement to Clan Grimward. Grimward warriors took numerous captives and honor bound them into service, but many Watchwolves were treated fairly and wounded were tended to. Clan Grimward’s lands and territories now include the Western Watchwolves of Luna. Survivors and refugees reach the Eastern Watchwolves of Sol, whose lands are now overflowing with new mouths to feed. Chieftains attempt to work together to maintain order and will try to choose a new Clanleader and High Priestess soon. For now, the Watchwolf Clan is effectively defeated and make it known to all that their priority is now their own people; they remove themselves from the civil war, ending their allegiance with Clan Nightriver.

The territory of Clan Ironmound was host to a feast held this month on neutral ground where representatives of Clan Grimward, Clan Nightriver, and the Coalition were invited to discuss matters of the civil war. A Council of Elders was chosen from some of the advisors to the Clanleader to oversee the feast and gather as much information as they could about both sides. A large number of factions of the Coalition were present, giving Ironmound a chance to have many conversations with them and learn more about the culture and activities of the colony. Wargah Grimward, daughter of Haygreth Grimward, was attending the negotiations in person on behalf of Clan Grimward and their allies. After hours of peaceful talks, the Council of Elders were fractured as they became swept up in the moment of forcing a decision soon in the civil war. After a heated argument, steel was drawn and the Elders were split; the pro-Coalition Elder asking for their potential new allies to stand with them and the pro-Grimward ally agreeing to being recalled away with magic by Wargah before violence could erupt. The Grimward guards remaining were attacked, shattering the neutral ground of the feast, but quickly stopped before any lives were lost. Worried that the several Clan Grimward war packs camped outside the feasting hall would retaliate, the remaining Elders and their followers were escorted by the Coalition to a nearby village. Those present rejoiced in earning such a critical ally in the civil war as the Council of Elders were given full authority by the Clanleader of Ironmound to make decisions on behalf of the Clan … but whispers between the remaining Elders and their worried glances between them prove that their decision may have been made in haste and they fear the consequences. Soon after the activities die down and the Elders reach the main Ironmound settlement, messenger hawks are seen flying from the settlement to numerous clans and colonies to the south. Rumor has it that the Clanleader is unhappy and will be making forceful demands on the Coalition and Nightriver to secure his allegiance in the civil war.

Grimward troops are seen rushing to the Great Wolf’s Hackles, spurred on after the events of the Ironmound feast, and make a concentrated effort on the northern mouth of the Pass. This attack was well planned out and surprising, Grimward’s fresh and well equipped troops hitting the Pass as the defenders stationed there were weakened by months of activity and lack of food. Coalition defenders hold out this month but the fighting is brutal and intense; without future aid Grimward will most likely be able to gain a complete foothold in the Pass.

The representative to Nightriver returned from the dinner with grave news; she fears that the interference of the Coalition on Ironmound’s decision could potentially cost them an ally and rumors spread that Branthur Nightriver’s hand will soon be forced in the involvement of the fighting of the war. With Ironmound wanting for so long to remain neutral, advisors to the Branthur fear that they will make stern demands for immediate support in order to remain an ally. Kragen Bloodmoon, Warleader of Nightriver, mobilizes several war packs and begins marching them to the Pass of the Great Wolf’s Hackles, as messenger hawks are received from Ironmound territory.

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