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April 263 – News & Rumors

After the heroic sacrifice of Pack Longfang and the reinforcements arriving from the colonies, Clan Grimward’s conquest of Clan Stormjarl has ground to a halt. The survivors of Stormjarl and their allies have setup a defense in the remaining territory and settlement of Clan Stormjarl and the Grimward invaders have backed off and established an army camp several miles away from the settlement. News of Grimward sacking and pillaging everything in the outlying territory of Clan Stormjarl and taking hundreds of Stormjarl prisoners finds its way to the defenders, but without additional support there is little they can do. The stalwart defense of Clan Stormjarl and their allies has forced Haygreth to regroup his army and although there is no sign of them leaving the territory, some have spoken rumors that Haygreth Grimward and Graytir Stormjarl may be able to discuss terms of peace. Clan Stormjarl holds but its territories and the clan itself has been ravaged by the war with Grimward and some say the Clan will seek revenge on Grimward for generations to come. Clan Nightriver and the Colony of Newhope have offered to help with the sick, wounded and displaced Clan Stormjarl refugees, but after such a hard winter the toll of helping these people will be immense on their current resources.

In other parts of Mardrun, the mountain pass continues to be fortified by the Order of Arnath’s Fist and discussions continue to take place amongst the Clans. Some say that the Clanleaders are pushing for a Grand Moot or gathering to discuss matters influencing the Ulven as a whole. Clan Steinjutten, who has allied itself with Clan Nightriver, has reported that Clan Riverhead and Clan Shattered Spear have been dealing with an uncommonly large mordok tribe that moved into the Great Forests several months ago.

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