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April 20th – For Every Action (caravan event)

With the Watchwolf and Longfang warriors in the pass low on supplies and losing the battle with attrition, a call for help and supplies was sent out. A lesser noble in the colony volunteered to put together a caravan with healing supplies and food and get it into the pass. He hired adventurers as bodyguards and began the long trek to the Great Wolf’s Hackles.

The caravan began with a slow start as all the supplies needed inventorying and the creation of several travois carriers was necessary. Canvas, rope, and wood were all lashed together to make simple carrying devices and the convoy began to move. It was clear that mordok activity was heavy in the area as several small raiding parties picked at the caravan guards as they moved along the trail. Supplies and reagents were gathered along the way as adventurers dared to break away from the group and search the surrounding area.

The caravan eventually came to a stop outside of an abandoned village and the mordok in the area were relentless. Several adventurers stumbled into the main mordok camp and some of the idols on display there were taken. Wave after wave of mordok assaulted the caravan and threatened to overwhelm the defenders. The healer that accompanied the caravan setup a healing station for the wounded and was forced to use a majority of the potent healing reagents just to keep the bodyguards alive. The travois, which had broken down and needed repair, was abandoned and the group split into two. Supplies were scooped up or a simple canvas drag was created and the caravan left the area with whatever supplies they could carry.

Eventually both groups were able to reach the pass in the Hackles, but almost all of the guards were badly injured and most of the reagents were used. The badly needed supplies and healing reagents did not arrive in enough quantity or good condition to help the Watchwolf and Longfang defenders in the pass. Disease and infection began to set in, as the wounds on the warriors in the pass began to worsen.

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