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April 20th, 2019 – Great Forest Expedition

Story Event Info


Worried about overstaying their “welcome” in Clan Grimward territory, the expeditionary forces made haste to leave and returned to the City-State of Newhope.


After the successful completion of the first expedition into Watchwolf territory, Celestial Arragones’ scholars have deciphered some of the texts and, as promised, the information was made public. Within those texts show proof that Syndar had indeed visited Mardrun in the past and seem to have had some sort of hand in the shaping of the Ulven as they are today. The public outrage of these texts being denounced in February has seem to have grown in volume as more and more Ulven find these “truths” and “evidence” hard to believe. While some answers are found, more questions remain. One aspect that has been unsettling is the sudden and coordinated appearance of Ulven that claimed allegiance to the Lorespeakers and their cause, refusing to back down even when up against suicidal odds. Dozens of Ulven lay dead after repeated attempts to stop the Research Team and their allies failed. What the Lorespeaker’s true agenda in this is still unknown.


Now, the Celestial’s scholars have pointed at the second area of note which is deep within the Great Forest of Mardrun. Something inside the Great Forest has shown up during the divination rituals of the Scholars of the City-State. The southern region of the Great Forest was host to a bloody campaign as Mordok forces pushed into Clan Riverhead territory several years ago. Wayward villages or remote settlements in the Forest were massacred or pushed away from their homelands. Although the survivors were absorbed into several Clans, existing Riverhead Ulven to this day have been concerned about the dead left behind in their former territory and have been more vocal since others have joined them in this concern due to the end of the battles of the War in the Dirge.


The concern to properly put to rest the fallen Ulven combined with increasing reports of walking corpses and hungry ghosts in the forest also combined with the strange magics being detected with the Great Forest have many speculating that something abnormal is going on this side of the border to the Dirge Swamp.


Event Summary


The Celestial’s team and a number of allies went into the Great Forest to uncover the meaning behind the anomalous readings of the area. Armed with the notes and locations found out from the divination ritual and a rediscovered tool for reading into the mana stream the Celestial’s scholars began their research.


It was a difficult start to the expedition with the threat of the undead looming. Luckily the many allies had come along to help deterring or destroying the restless dead. The scholar’s team was able to take readings of the mana flow in the area from a number of points of interest. During the day some sort of device had been discovered and reported to the scholar. A team was assembled and sent to investigate the object. It was determined that this device was left here by the ancient Syndar and was designed to draw in some form of mana but it had broken at some point in history and was reaching a catastrophic state. It was decided on by the investigating team that it must be destroyed before it caused a bigger problem. It was also discovered that a corruption idol had been set up in the area by some of the Mordok and a team was organized to dispatch this threat as well.


In the end the research mission was a resounding success for all of those involved. Celestial Arragones has promised the quick dissemination of the information brought back by her scholars.


From the libraries of the illustrious Celestial Arragones,

We would like to start this proclamation with giving many thanks and our appreciation to  those who gave their time and dedication to uncovering the anomaly within the Great Forest. With everyone’s aid given to helping our scholars and the readings taken by them we have been able to determine that this area of the Great Forest has been flooded by a deformed and broken version of mana. We have not determined what has caused this malformation but it seems that this mana is not naturally drawn into the mana stream. The Syndar device found in the forest that seems to be referred to as a Pylon appears to have been created to collect this broken down mana and store it for some purpose. We have run some smaller tests and determined that this malformed and broken mana does seem to exist in many areas of Mardrun. This is concerning to us as whatever may be causing this deformation most likely is adding to the Siphoning that has been plaguing us all for quite some time.   


Compiled by the scholars of the esteemed Celestial Arragones.

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