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April 2023 – A Day in Silver’s Crossing

Spring is in the air and the planting season is in full swing. It’s rough work tilling the ground and getting seeds established, but it is a breath of fresh air after a season trapped inside away from the bitter chill of winter. Soon the trade caravans also groan to life and the roads of Mardrun open up into thriving arteries of trade. As transit commences, word starts to spread throughout Mardrun for those looking for work; if you are looking for silver then look no further than Silvers Crossing.

The Town of Silvers Crossing in recent years has grown to be a major hub of trade within the lands of Newhope. Located on a major crossroads near Daven’s Hold to the west and Starkhaven to the north, a great deal of trade moves through the village. A few short years ago the village was not much more than a drop of ink on the map, but concerted efforts from entrepreneurs and local politicians have seen to it that this once small trading post has developed into a sizable regional powerhouse.

Spring brings opportunity and Silvers Crossing is no stranger to understanding that opportunities must be seized. The local magistrate has sent out an invitation to the people of Mardrun. There is work to be done in Silvers Crossing, and true to their namesake, there is always silver to be made from said work. Before long the settlement is filled with laborers and tradesmen looking to jumpstart the new working season. This increase in traffic brings merchants from the local areas out of the woodwork and attracts traveling merchant caravans. Beyond this, some come to the area as an excuse to get away from the doldrum of their daily lives; looking for a place to mingle with merchants and perhaps friends from across the continent. Regardless of the reason they are drawn there, the increase in foot traffic has caused the Town of Silvers Crossing to erupt into life.


People flocked from far and wide in to Silvers Crossing and the day was filled with much merriment. It turned out that the promise of Spring was a fickle lie and the day was punctuated by periodic downpours of sleet, but even this unfortunate meteorological couldn’t dampen the festive air. People worked fields and passed drinks and there was even the coronation of a new noble; The Queen of the Hobos!

The day passed with peaceful festivity.

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