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April 14th, 2018 – Stand Against the Black


Stand Against the Black

News spreads like wildfire across Mardrun; the initial month of the war against the mordok is a success. While some warpacks of ulven and their allies experience stiff resistance in various parts of the swamp, the reports coming back from the front-line are relatively similar; the mordok are being beaten and driven further north across multiple areas. Victory after victory is recorded as the next plan of this initiative is drawn up.

These victories do not come lightly and have had a bloody cost. Scores of ulven and some of their allies are killed in combat as the invasion grinds to a halt as the warpacks venture deeper into the swamp. Mordok resistance is initially driven before the warriors and cut down in large numbers and then continues to get more cunning, organized, and coordinated. Venturing any further into the swamp would see warpacks isolated and overrun. Instead of pushing deeper into the swamp, the larger war effort is to patrol and hold this conquered territory with the intent to fall back to fortified positions which are now being constructed. With mordok driven north, it gives these construction crews room to build and move supplies and the peace of mind knowing that warriors stand between them and the monsters to the north. However, this moment of respite is brief and the opportunity is now.

Safe from roving mordok, engineers and construction foremen have scouted out the best possible locations for outposts. There still seems to be a lack of cohesive planning in how many outposts should be built in the large-scale effort, but construction has begun in earnest. As the mordok resistance continues to take its toll on the warriors campaigning in the swamp, the construction of these defenses are critical; every day that goes by gives the mordok a chance to lash out at the war effort or retake lost ground.

Following last month’s success, the Warpack of Pack Dawnrock of Clan Shattered Spear has sent out a general call for aid to come and support the next step in this plan. Warriors of this pack and their allies recently endured hardship together last month as they fought to conquer territory and the Warpack leader is once again looking for help.

In this scenario event, players will either play existing or new Pack Dawnrock ulven of the Clan Shattered Spear Warpack assigned to this area or supporting allies as they focus on the next step of the plan. Numerous tasks await to make sure both the outpost is constructed, fortified, and viable along with the surrounding areas patrolled, maintained, and supply lines kept open.


The Dirge Swamp seemed to rise up to reject the invaders, bringing a strange cold and freezing rain into the newly established outpost. Work was slow going and patrols limited as a result, but the rain-dampened spirits of the Shield of Mardrun could not be so easily broken.

Trudging through mud and snow, several armed patrols established an allied presence in the area, deterring much of the Mordok activity the camp had expected. While a few young whelps strayed close to the camp, no concentrated assault was mounted, and those within the walls of the outpost were able to focus more thoroughly on the various tasks at hand.

Such a strong military presence did not come without a cost, however: the bodies and attention required for the patrols took several of the potential workers away from the camp. Those that remained worked diligently to improve the land, but with so few bodies and tools, the work barely caught the attention of the Shattered Spear warriors who would be manning it. They appreciated the work that was done but were hoping to be able to focus more completely on the fight to the north rather than improving their own camp.

Within the camp itself, tensions flared as Sigurmon Shattered Spear and Audhilde Spiritclaw butted heads on how to deal with the walking, talking corruption idol that was now inside the outpost’s walls. The warpack leader’s hand was stayed as those around the corrupted young man urged patience in the matter, but the seeds of doubt had been planted. Scholars and researchers began to investigate the young man, magically poking and prodding him to see what might happen. A handful of breakthroughs were made on the subject through divine magic, and the research opened doors to further discovery.


Click HERE for photos from the event!

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