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April 14-15th, 2017 – Swords or Plowshares – The Siege of Daven’s Reach

Swords or Plowshares:


As both Clan Riverhead and the Great Forest bear the brunt of the newfound hostility of the mobilized mordok presence, it has become clearer than ever that the threat of the Mordok needs to be opposed. The sporadic defenses of Clan Shattered Spear, Clan Whiteoak, and Pack Longfang to the north are wholly inadequate in stopping a threat the size of what attacked Clan Riverhead. As the Clans to the south react and send help to Riverhead, attention has turned north in an effort to unite some of the Ulven and solidify the defenses against the mordok. Before any major efforts are undertaken, some of the Clans want to know what kind of defensive plan could be viable. Several abandoned outposts and villages on the edge of Ulven territory could potentially be rebuilt and turned into part of the defenses against the Dirge Swamp and there are two immediate options. A small outpost in Clan Shattered Spear territory could be scouted out and turned into a military fortification, further enhancing the defensive potential of the north. There is also a small farmstead and the nearby abandoned trading post near Onsallas Village which could be examined for its potential in housing a farm that could grow anti-corruption reagents as was discussed at the recent political meeting. Either option will be a challenge as these abandoned outposts are full of unknowns. They will be lacking a number of basic amenities, their current status and knowledge of what needs to be done will be unknown, and the level of mordok or ulven activity in the area will vary until examination of the chosen location.


The Longfang cart was heavy with supplies. The dirt beneath their feet gave way to mud at every step and yet the adventurers trudged forth, determined to complete the task before them. Mordok harassed the procession, never standing to put up a real fight but constantly trying to pick off stragglers and let the caravan know that their presence had not gone unnoticed. Slowly the cart turned towards Shattered Spear territory, decided upon by those protecting it. The defensive outpost was more important than the farm. When the group arrived they quickly set about trying to return the broken down palisade to its former glory. Some set up their kits within the walls, mending armor or tending wounds. Others ventured back into the woods on patrols to keep the Mordok at bay. Still more dove into the rebuilding process, collecting solid timbers from the woods, cutting firewood, and clearing brush from the trails. Though the Mordok presence was constant, organization from these men and women got the outpost operational again, much to the relief of Clan Shattered Spear and their southern allies. Not all news that day was happy, however: A few of the Longfang pups did not return home that night and the hunter they had expected to arrive at dusk was nowhere to be seen by nightfall. In a brighter end to the evening, though, a handful of Shineleaf flowers were collected for the outpost, which are believed to make a fertilizer that could produce a sustainable yield so close to the swamp.


The Siege of Daven’s Reach:


With the onset of the expanded Newhope territory and the beginning of the infrastructure Great Work, a large amount of attention has fallen to the safety and security of the Newhope lands and the new roads. Banditry has been a consistent problem throughout both colonial and ulven lands. In what has been viewed as a rather heavy handed response, Newhope has mobilized some troops and put a call out for a mercenary contract to help them retake Daven’s Reach. The Reach has always been a property of Newhope but over the last two years has become a home to a number of displaced families, refugees, outlaws, and former pirates of New Oarsmeet. While the Reach has been known to house a large amount of unsavory people, a large number of families have found life at the Reach to be easier and less political. The fact remains that Daven’s Reach is still owned by Newhope, especially Baroness Catherine who is a member of the Council of Ten. After a failed attempt to retake the Reach by hiring out mercenaries in the past, people expect the response to be absolute this time around. The way that Newhope is making their actions known and spreading the word about hiring on adventurers and mercenaries to retake the Reach shows boastful actions, of making a statement to all in Newhope territory. For those that are signing on to help, a unique challenge is presented. Should too few rally behind this contract to attack and retake the Reach, the mercenaries hired could find themselves in a very dangerous and lethal predicament. Should too many rally behind the contract and overrun the Reach, it is expected that the payout and sharing of the spoils of the fight could be minimal at best. Anyone involved, either in swinging a sword or helping with supplies, finds themselves in a moral dilemma as the upcoming actions could further displace or even harm families who have nothing to do with the actual banditry operating out of Daven’s Reach. There has been a small but vocal movement in either actively defending the people of Daven’s Reach or in trying to find an amicable or even peaceful solution with Percival, the current leader of the people of Daven’s Reach. How things play out are up to those that get involved and are willing to invest or risk in the current situation.


Not far from the last remaining fortification of Daven’s Reach, the attackers prepared themselves for the battle to come. They were disrupted soon after by the arrival of Baroness Catherine herself, intent on witnessing the removal of bandits from Daven’s Reach and the thorn from her side. In the hopes of reaching a civil agreement, the Baroness met with Percival von Borscht, the man who had been running Daven’s Reach rather effectively since the takeover. He expressed an interest in a peaceful resolution and a willingness to return the settlement to the Baroness, though he demanded a noble title to show his position and two hundred silver to compensate the people of Daven’s Reach for the number of improvements they had made over the past two years. From the pockets of the attackers came the vast sum of coin, and those within the settlement looking for a chance at a legitimate life chose to stand down or evacuate before the siege began in full. Those who remained either sought no redemption, or would find none due to the bounties placed on their heads in the past. Led by the Baroness, the marshalled forces marched on the fortification, battering ram in tow. A handful of defenders skirmished with the well-equipped group outside the walls, but were quickly overwhelmed and cut down. The ram was brought to bear against the front gate of the keep as a hail of arrows and boulders rained down upon the attackers. As the sun began to set, at long last the gate began to splinter until it fell entirely, allowing a flood of attackers into the courtyard. While the defenders fought intelligently and valiantly for the land they now called home, they were soon overwhelmed by the attacking force. As the night fell in full, the last few defenders barricaded themselves on the ramparts of the keep, proving too stubborn for the battered and bruised attackers to root out. Their loyalty bought by the gracious donation of silver earlier in the day, however, led the former residents of Daven’s Reach to step forth as fresh troops who finally removed the last of the defenders. The fighting was brutal and many on both sides lay dead or wounded but the day, and the Reach, were won by Newhope and her allies.

View pictures from the event by following the link below:


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