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April 12, 2014 – Ulven Feast & Hiking Travel Event

With Spring finally arriving, the frigid grip of winter has begun to loosen all across Mardrun. Stories of the brutal civil war continue to spread like wildfire as Clan Grimward continues its conquests of Clan Stormjarl. Aided by allies, the Clan is putting up a stubborn defense and has been evacuating its villagers with aid from the Coalition.

At first thaw, several critical reagents bloom and are harvested. There is a high demand first thing in the spring for these reagents if they can be quickly moved to buyers, and a small group of travelers haa been approached to help move these supplies south to a settlement in Clan Nightriver territory. Most of these are potent herbs and plants that help with healing remedies. If these reagents reach the Clan Nightriver settlement, the Chieftain in the area has agreed to pay for them.

This early part of spring is also the time of an Ulven celebration that sees many feasting and mead halls turned into centers for locals and travelers to celebrate. Feasts take place all week, supervised by Daughters of Gaia from numerous packs and clans, and is a tradition that allows any Ulven to seek the blessings of Gaia and celebrate joy in their life. Much like how nature celebrates life by growing anew in the spring, the Ulven find joy in life after the long winter months. A feasting hall near the colony of Newhope has been chosen to host one of these celebrations, as numerous people from Ulven society and the colony come out to celebrate together. After a frigid winter and the civil war looming in the distance, many seek the warmth and comfort of celebration to help ease their minds.

Several groups of travelers and adventurers braved the cold and rain and made their way to a nearby settlement. This settlement featured a feasting hall that was participating in the spring celebration. Traveling Daughters of Gaia performed small ceremonies and were available for travelers to receive blessings from. As the food and drink were dispersed among those attending, stories of the civil war and of the different coalition groups were told and plans for the future were discussed.

Pictures from the event:

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