Anariel was born in the year 216 in the May’Kar desert. Her parents were very loving with her and bent to her wishes easily. When she was 7 her parents drifted apart but still remained a large part of her life. She was raised by the Phoenix and would live between both parents and also in the care of other phoenix. Her dad was a hunter and gatherer in the commune they were a part of and her mother traveled a lot with the caravans. The Phoenix organized and ran the caravan to help themselves and the humans of the desert to always stay in supply of the things they needed. It also provided them with travel and new stories to hear from their surrounding friends.

She lived a happy and contented life, surrounded by kind and caring friends and family. She would float around with what ever may hold her interest at the time. She would go out and gather plants or hunt for animals with her dad, he taught her how to use a bow. Or she would travel the caravan with her mother when she wasn’t doing her studies in the village.
When she was ten she was tested and found to have magic on the arcane side. As a present her parents gave her a young camel which she named Clementine. She would spend a lot of time with Clementine, and would go for days just wandering around the desert with only her for companionship.

After the required year of training had passed she stayed on to learn even more of the arcane magic, she was usually a good student when she was paying attention.

When she was 16 the news came that the Phoenix were to leave the desert and trek into the unknown. Both of her parents had decided they were to leave the desert and urged her to come with. Scared, but ready for an adventure she packed all of her belongings and set off with her parents and Clementine at her side.

The trip was nothing like Anariel had experienced in her life before; food was rationed, her parents didn’t want her to wander off too far. It was repetitious, slow moving and it restricted her roaming. When they reached the docks of Aldoria, the noise and numbers or people were almost overwhelming. The stares, the sneers, the open awe from all the people- she didn’t understand why they looking until her father explained that what they were doing was not normal and what they were asking for was unheard of.

“But this is what Solarus told us to do daddy.”

“Yes my bird, but not everyone understands him the way we do.”

“But he will provide for us like he always has, won’t he?”

He provides a way, but it is up to us to get there. Sometimes it is not always easy, Solarus is testing us and we need to show him we are still worthy and strong.”
They had to camp outside of the main city while their Magis Yara tried to find a captain and ships. They were there for three months before her dad came to her.

“Anariel, my bird. Remember how we talked about Solara showing us the way, but it was up to us to get there?”

“Yes papa.”

“Well Magis Yara believes she has found a way, but she needs our help… she needs your help.”

“What can I do to help?”

“She found a captain, but he wants money from us- more then we have. So Yara is asking us to part with anything we can to help us on our way… Clementine would go a long way to helping us with getting to our island.”

“But dad!!….”

“I know, I know- I would never ask if she wasn’t needed.”


Hurt and with tears falling down her cheeks. “Yes daddy… can I please say good bye to her first.”

“Of course my dear, Solara will be proud of you. I am proud of you.”

Most of the trip was a blur; Anariel was still mourning the loss of Clementine and didn’t notice much else. She stayed in the lower parts of the ship listening to what was going on, but not really understanding the consequences. The other ship was lost; a sickness was going around… then Yara passing away. It didn’t mean anything to Anariel she was still lost in her grief.

One day her mother came down, told her they had found land and that they will be upon it soon. Anariels response was the same as it always was, to just lay there, unresponsive.
“You need to stop being selfish Anariel. We have all lost something precious in our life, we can mourn and then we must move on. It is life. I need you to be strong for me now. There are sick, young and old. They need help and you will help your family, your friends and your commune. You are a Phoenix and we care for everyone and at times that means putting your hurt and problems aside for others. Solara sees you; he feels your pain with you. He has not forgotten you, he is watching you at all times. Come, rise up and see our new home.”

Anariel emerged from the ship- skinny, weak and pale. The Protectors that used to guard the caravans back in the desert were scouting ahead seeing if there was a threat on the new land. When Anariels eyes adjusted to the bright sun and her feet were on solid ground, she looked around. So much green! Trees, bushes, shrubs; everywhere she looked it was greens or blues from the ocean and sky. A glint of color caught her eye, it was a beautiful bird. He looked like a rainbow; blue and yellow with a bit of green on his head. He had a big curved beak. He looked down on her thru one eye, with his head tilted- how strange he was…. Anariel looked around the strange land again, looking through different eyes. She saw the beauty, the wonder and the promise of a new land. She looked back at the bird and with a smile, walked further into her new home.

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