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Alexander Vallen

PLAYED BY: Alexander David Robinson
CHARACTER NAME: Alexander “EagleEye” Vallen
AGE: 24
RACE: Feral Syndar
HAIR: Black
EYES: Multi Colored
OCCUPATION: Mercenary Mage, Ex‐Sergeant of the royal guard, Archon Archmage Magis‐At‐Arms
KNOWN SKILLS: Good with a bow, Skilled in swordplay, Studier of all magic, Knows his subterfuge.
BIRTHPLACE: The Kingdom of Lairthuduil
APPEARANCE: Dark skinned, large pointed ears, sometimes facial hair, has horns, has sharp teeth.
NOTABLE TRAITS: He boasts his own skills when he has none. He is also naive and a liar. When angry he has a nervous twitch and he becomes slightly tribal its his defense mechanism and it causes him to lose
focus. He can “rage” its not normal for a Syndar but he can.
RELATIONSHIPS: Friends with Archmage Vazra
RUMORS: , “Raised a sword to the council”, “Attempted to Poison the Baroness” , “Had dealings with the

“Hail, my name is Alexander “EagleEye” Vallen and my life was pretty rough
to start. I was born in Faedrun in the The Kingdom of Lairthuduil. I wasn’t a noble or
anything, I mean look at me, its clear i’m a feral. For years me and my mother have
been trying to fit in with the city folk but due to our horns and eyes we were never
truly accepted. Anyway I was off track.”
“I was born feral in a civilized city so I am already looked down upon. I
don’t know much about my father except that he is a celestial Syndar, other than that
I know nothing. My mother was a nice woman and she trusted everyone. She was a
very powerful mage and also took the time to plant some gardens as a hobby. She also
knew her way around herbal medicine and healing and often taught me how to garden
and harvest her special herbs. She also often taught me some of her magic and taught
me how to hunt for my own food rather than to rely on trade. She often talked about
her father and his homeland in the kingdom of Fawyth.”
“There was a great peace with my city and all was good, until the undead
came. I awoke one morning to screaming and the smell of death. I was pretty
terrified back then since I have never seen anything like it. After a few minutes, me
and my mother were able to get lightly packed with bows and herbs. We ran as fast
as we can out of the city and we barely made it. We kept running until we reached
the city of Aldoria where we sold are few herbs to gain some money to get started on
our new life.”
“Once we arrived in our new home, my mother started working as an herbalist
and she found that the humans treated her better than her own kind. Every day she
would get up to go work and every night she would come home and train me to fight.
She would also teach me to use magic and to bend it to my will.”
“Once the undead were at our borders, my mother pulled all of her money
together to get on the next boat to the new world, but sadly she only had enough for
one passenger. She sent me along with her fathers necklace to protect me. At the time
I had no idea she would stay behind and she sent me alone to go on the boat while
she stayed at home to fight off the undead. I waited for a while and then we
started to set sail. All I remember from that day was my mom glaring at the
undead threat with her blood red eyes fighting valiantly against the mob.”
“Once I arrived on land I was filled with anger. My one red eye started
glaring and all I wanted to do was go back and save my mom. Then someone with a
very familiar scent came by and told me to harness that anger for I will get my
chance to avenge her but that was not today. He took me in and trained me until I
became of age. Once I became of age, I went to join the knights watch so I can
protect my new home even though I felt like I was treated as a second class citizen
all over again. After awhile I became a Sergeant and this is where my magical story
truly begins.”
“Oh you want me to keep going? You want me to tell you about prison life here
in the cell? Well first I’ll tell you about my first political dinner then I’ll get to this
cold dark cell. So I met a group there called the Archons and their leader Vazra.
To be honest I liked the group as it was comprised of mostly mages and it felt like
home. They were talking as if I could freely do anything I want and I won’t have to
be limited to only a few spells. As an Archon, they told me I could spend my time
studying lore or brewing potions. That sounded like the life for me. The only problem
was that I was part of the royal guard and I can’t just leave my post. I actually
could have devised a way to get out of the guard without just walking away but alas
I didn’t so I had a direct approach of resigning. Dumb move on my part, especially
after drinking a few potions that could easily have been poison.”
“On a side note, the name “EagleEye” comes from my skill with a bow and my
magic. I always hit the mark…and it could be my red eye i’m not sure which.
“So here it is I wait in this cell to be released, I’m not a bad guy I just
make bad decisions sometimes. Unlike most Syndar, I also act on impulse rather than
intellectual decisions.”
*So upon release Alexander Vallen is met with Archmage Varza and is taken to his comfy new
home in the Spire, Serving as Archmage Alexander Vallen leader of the militia and weaver of magical

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