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Al Mafajjar

Played by: Ian Loebl

Contact Information: imloebl@gmail.com

Character Name: Al Mafajjar

Full Name: Nasih Al-Dawla Anwar Ibn Hilal Al Mafajjar Al Saresh

Gender: Male

Class: Mage

Age: 34

Race: Human, May’Kar

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey-Blue-Green

Occupation: Researcher and Adviser

Known Skills: Magic & Lore

Birthplace: Saresh, in the May’Kar Dominion

Appearance: Wears a long black coat and a strange red-lined mask, as well as a gold headdress. Usually in close proximity to Al Haddad

Notable Traits: Reserved, but is easily amused. He loathes mere mention of the Cult of Anguish or Penitent, but does wish to understand the strange magic that they used. Devoted to Serai and the May’Kar, and ready to stand up for their best interests.

Relationships: Member of Boş Mezar, and Citizen of Serai. He is a nephew of Abdul Qahhar Husam al Din.


“Follow not thine uncle’s folly” These are the first words that I remember my father saying. The scene is preserved in my mind as though it happened yesterday, though in truth it occurred over 30 years ago. We were standing in Saresh, beneath one of the great minarets. A priest was crying morning prayers from the top, and a crowd was slowly gathering to listen. On the steps under where the prayers flew down on the wind, my father stopped and knelt down in front of me. He had a gravely serious expression on his face. From within the robe that he was wearing, he produced a strange mask that I had never seen before. It was white and covered half the face, just as his did. However, it was covered in tiny black cracks, and, of greater note, it had red lines under its eye and on its forehead. I asked my father what it was, and he told me a little of its twisted history. Evidently, it had been created for my uncle to wear in order to cover the facial deformity common to men of our family, conveniently not possessed by me. It started on a noble path, but fell to a dark one when my uncle became a part of the Cult of Anguish. There my father stopped telling me anything, and when I asked him about where he had obtained the mask, he would not answer. All he told me afterwards were those five words, which I remember to this day. After this rather strange event, my childhood was spent in Saresh, exploring and learning. I loved the city. It was a paradise on earth, and I would never have given it up for any reason. The great oasis was one of the wonders of the world, and it pained me in a horrible way to leave it. However, one must do what one must. When great troubles arose in the Dominion, my family and I left Saresh when we could, and went to the northern forests of Vandregon to hide from persecution. It was there that we eventually met Al Haddad and his group. We linked with them on their journey, and came to the new continent of Mardrun alongside them. When Serai was established, my parents threw themselves into the work and played a role in aiding the process along. I also worked very hard to create a new home for the May’Kar on Faedrun. It was what I started living for. When I was invited to become one of the Citizens that help to shape the policy followed by Serai, I was filled with pride. It is now my great duty to aid Al Haddad and the other Citizens in the governing of Serai, and the actions taken by the Boş Mezar. Through this, I pray that this mask comes to represent the work of Al Mafajjar, and not the dishonor of Abdul Qahhar…

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