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Aimerick Bordeaux

PLAYED BY: Ryan Jopp
CHARACTER NAME: Aimerick Bordeaux
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: 30
RACE: Human
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
OCCUPATION: Professional Mercenary (Member of the Gallant Feathers)
KNOWN SKILLS: Armor, shield, instructor, crossbow, spear
APPEARANCE: Average human but adorned in shiny plate and red/gold colors of the Gallant Feathers
NOTABLE TRAITS: Terrible accent commonly referred to as “Dirty Aldorian” which is a byproduct of the extreme mix of cultures in the bustling economical centers of Aldoria.

UPDATE: After being captured by mordok, tortured, wounded, and corrupted, Aimerick was in very bad shape. He pledged to the Stormjarl/New Aldorian contract enemy, not wanting to be left behind when the Gallant Feathers went to fight. Corruption continued to wrack his body and fester his wounds, making death imminent. The last patrol in during the second month, Aimerick refused to stay back at camp or with the supply wagons and ended up succumbing to wounds taken to the battle. His body was burned on a pyre alongside other fallen warriors of the campaign.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Aimerick was born to a normal family. His mother was involved in some of the affairs of nobility but mainly as an assistant to many different business contracts. His father was a professional mercenary, a member of the Iochlaocra. What began as a romantic evening of swooning and courting between a lady and an intriguing mercenary quickly turned into a broken family of raising a child amidst growing gambling debt and drinking problems. Needless to say, Aimerick’s parents had no love for each other.

Growing up in the bustling districts of Aldoria saw all sorts of adventures… and trouble… for Aimerick. He commonly ran with the wrong crowd and ended up working off many petty childhood crimes or debts of service. His mother grew cold and was busy working, so their bond never really took hold. Although she loved him, he was a constant burden on someone trying to make a living. His father, on the other hand, would return after being away for many months on some sort of contract. He loved to play with his son and to Aimerick, he was a legendary hero in a funny hat. This further drove a wedge between Aimerick and his mother; she worked hard to provide for him and his attention was fixated on his father, the sporadic times he visited before disappearing to the nearby casinos, taverns, and brothels.

As Aimerick grew older, he took random jobs to help around the house and began to live a rather normal life. On his 15th birthday, he received a letter. His father had been killed on a contract. Two nobles squabbling over some property hired opposing mercenaries to fight it out, resulting in the death of Aimerick’s father. There was no grand explanation, no epic battle to detail his final moments, just a note about taking an arrow through the throat and a small severance package of silver coin for his service.

This is when the war with the undead became real. They marched on Aldoria, tearing across the land, and the kingdom was about to be lost during “The Fall”. Aimerick’s mother bought him passage on a boat but was forced to remain behind. He still does not know if she survived or not… if she made it on another boat… but with no word for years, it does not look hopeful.

Upon arriving in Newhope, Aimerick took up random small jobs and eventually took up mercenary work. It tugged at the experience he gained from his rough life in the streets of Aldoria, threatening to engulf him in crime and petty fights. It wasn’t until the Gallant Feathers mercenary unit made a visit to Newhope that Aimerick found his true calling. He fondly remembered the days of his father, the prestige of being in a real and professional mercenary unit. He volunteered and eventually joined, becoming a member of the Gallant Feathers mercenaries.

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