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Abelot Grey

PLAYED BY: Sara Bahr

CONTACT INFO: 123cowner@gmail.com



CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 19

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Green

OCCUPATION: Apprentice

KNOWN SKILLS: Archery, First aid

APPEARANCE: Nothing unusual

NOTABLE TRAITS: Invented the description “glabber fasting” and also has quite the perception when actually trying to use it.

RELATIONSHIPS: Companion to Wren Duncan

RUMORS: “I heard he got robbed three times… in a row?!”


Well, you see, it all started with my brother. Ever since we moved to this new world and my parents settled down, he would kiss their asses and make me do all the hard labor. Then the two wrote their wills and it got far, far worse. He even had a group of “enforcers” around the farm to make sure I wasn’t able to see my own parents! Then, in a cruel twist of fate, both of my parents died in a “barn fire”. My brother inherited all of the farm (or what was left of it), and proceeded to kick me out and sent me with barely enough supplies to even survive on!
It took three hours. THREE HOURS for someone to rob me. Then a day later, I was mugged again! Luckily they didn’t kill me for being empty handed. Instead, they took my favorite hat. Then, the next night while I was sleeping on the dirty ground, someone stole my fire starters! I was about to just give up. I walked probably a few more miles before I saw yet another shady figure. I was ready to be robbed and probably killed, but apparently I’m not good enough for death. This lady ignored me for a moment, which was kind of insulting as the last few people I have met actually spoke to me. I broke the uncomfortable silence and asked where she was headed after asking if she really wasn’t interested in robbing me. Before I got an answer, I decided to go with her anyways, and we have been travelling together ever since. After becoming a little more (barely) acquainted, the lady turned out to be a Ranger named Wren. She begrudgingly let me follow and even knocked out a bandit trying to steal the little I have left. A week or two after that she noticed my existence due to my complete incompetence at anything relating to violence. Apparently that needed to be changed, so she found me a sword from a poor bandit that was on the angry side of her sword and taught me how to “not die”. Swords aren’t really my style but hey, whatever works.
I eventually got my hands on some poor corpse’s bow and used said corpse for target practice. I missed. All of them. After a month or two of practice with whatever bow was available at the time I was more and more able to carry my own weight by hunting and gathering. Due to said bows being second or third-hand, they wouldn’t last more than two or three hunting trips before breaking.Wren started stockpiling bows. It got really, really monotonous and even more boring so I politely asked about five hundred times for us to go do something. She said no. Every time. So I told her I was going to go on my own anyways. She said no again, but then realized I wasn’t joking and followed just a little grumpily. Just a little.
We helped guard some posh merchant guy and killed and maimed quite a few mordok. It was great. They really are ugly. Like really ugly. Wow. And weird. Sitting down in front of our guards weird. Us being the guards. We held the fort we just delivered supplies to and then Wren got deathbolted. It was scary. More scary than most anything I’ve encountered. Even my brother. So I went and helped kill the shaman. It raged and shoved me into a tree, then died of its wounds. Good. She got dragged to a cleric and healed but it still scared the absolute shit out of me. If she died here I would probably lose it. But she didn’t because that kinda creepy cleric was kinda cool. We held out for the night before saying our goodbyes and walking back down out of the swamp to set up a small camp.

SECRET INFO: If I see my brother, he will die.

BIRTHPLACE: I was born on a prosperous farm in the kingdom of Aldoria, and my parents were wealthy enough to buy their way onto a ship to Mardrun when the undead began taking the borders of the kingdom. Then mY BROT—-

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