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Colter Black

PLAYED BY: Jose Delgado

CONTACT INFO: jddelgado27@gmail.com




CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 24

RACE: Human

HAIR: Black

EYES: Hazel


KNOWN SKILLS: Colter is a moderately skill-less man. He knows his way around a smithy but does not have the skill to put this to use. He knows his way around his sword and has a basic understanding of field tactics. He is a passable cook and a bit of an artist.

BIRTHPLACE: The Kingdom of Vandregon
APPEARANCE: He wears dark greens and brown clothing with a black gambeson, steel breastplate and sallet. He is usually seen sporting his armor and with a kite shield and battered short sword at his side.

NOTABLE TRAITS: His most notable trait is how unremarkable he looks. No major blemishes or fancy adornments and a plain bearded face.

RELATIONSHIPS: He spent some considerable time in the Outlands expedition with Shay and the two of them were nearly killed on a patrol to rescue the ship’s engineering crew.
He worked under Captain Monty during the Outlands expedition.

RUMORS: I would be surprised if there was any gossip about this unremarkable fellow. At best some would know of his family’s tragically failed profession.

Colter was born in Vandregon to Arthur and Maisy Black. Arthur was a blacksmith, a terse man of few words, producing blades for the local garrison and goods for the townsfolk. He was not amazing at his craft and his wares were not in very high demand. Maisy was cold and distant, spending most of her time taking care of the household and attempting to arrange business with other larger business owners. Money was always tight, and his parents spent little time with him, thus Colter spent much of his early childhood roaming the city streets and getting in fights with other children. He was hotheaded, easy to provoke into confrontation. His parents fled to Newhope Colony from Faedrun and started a smithy there. Arthur began to teach Colter his craft taking him on as an apprentice. The issues from Vandregon followed the Black family to Newhope as Arthur borrowed money from a local gang to get his start. The money never came back due to a lack of demand for Arthur’s subpar goods. The gang liquidated the smithy, burning it down and seizing the smithing supplies. There was a confrontation that led to the killing Arthur and Maisy. Colter who had been on a trip to New Aldoria to sell some of his father’s wares at higher prices came back to the scene of the burnt-out smithy. He pieced together what had happened and in a flash of anger and sorrow thought of taking out revenge. Exhausted from the journey he slept on it in the burnt-out ruin of his home and awoke with a new outlook, resolving that taking revenge would be futile on and knew his survival depended upon keeping a level head. After some careful rummaging around the ruin, he found his parent’s bodies and buried them out back. He then took what gold he could scrounge up and a heavily fire damaged, scarred sword from the rubble. Colter resolved to abandon blacksmithing, setting out on his new life, finding whatever work he could find. He spent several years as a dock worker, saying little, performing his duties and returning home to a company lodge. He never formed meaningful relationships as he knew he would move on from this stage of life as it didn’t suit him. He knew he had to find a calling to find fulfillment in life and decided that he would seek out adventure. He eventually built up enough money to purchase light armor and equipment to begin mercenary work. Though suited for this line of work, Colter never had any formal training. This was not helped by the jobs he was given, often simply escorting nobles and other important officials around Mardrun. Eventually he found himself working as Expedition Security in the Outlands Expedition under Captain Monty, the captain of the Saint Sailor ship. On the disastrous arrival to the outlands with the beaching of one of the ships, Colter set out into the Mordok infested wilderness to help defend the ships crewmen as they attempted to gather supplies to make ship repairs. It was there that Colter received his trial by fire, experiencing heavy combat with roving Mordok and nearly dying alongside his newfound acquaintance Shay. After recovering from his injuries, Colter had a run in with the dreaded Dirge beasts and joined in an operation to enter the Dirge beast infested swamp to gather some moon bulbs needed for the colony’s efforts. Having survived this ordeal, he seeks out more excitement to make a name for himself in these lands. Now better equipped with some earned coin he has set out following tales of Mordok corruption idols in the edges of the swamp near the outpost and has volunteered to join in the effort to help deactivate and destroy the idols.
Colter is often seen standing on his own and speaking little, often he is drawing or writing in his journal. He in a fastidious person, constantly adjusting his clothes and armor to a proper fit and packing bags with care. He will not share drinking glasses or the same piece of food. If his blade is bloodied, he will clean it as soon as he can. If his armor is dented, he will have it mended as soon as he can. Despite this he still wields the same scarred sword he drew from the wreckage of his father’s smithy. He still feels an outsider, seeking out a path he does not yet know, yet he feels his current actions are bringing him closer.

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