Played by: Brett Kammerer (
Name: Tofalus Falconhand
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Character Website: If applicable!
Occupation: Former thief from the Midnight Sun Thives’ Guild
Known Skills: Dual wield, Archery/thrown weapons, Traps/Devices, Toughness, First-Aid
Birthplace: Aldoria
Appearance: What do you look like?
Notable Traits:

Like any story worth telling, Tofalus’ is about a woman. Tofalus Falconhand was the lover of the “Queen of Thieves” Emalia of Aldoria. For several years he lived a life of luxury and had his choice of choice jobs and loot, but as is to be expected, there were those that were jealous of him and plotted to remove him from his position as their queen’s favorite. Most notable among them was Latissimus. Latissimus had been quietly and carefully selecting a band of followers to dispose of Tofalus for quite some time and when the time was right he struck. He broke into Emalia’s private vault and stole one of her prized jewels and framed Tofalus for the job. Though Emailia very much doubted that her lover would ever do such a thing she had an image to keep. Though such a crime would normally call for a very long and VERY painful death, she could not stand to see her beloved leave this world in such a way, so instead she had him banished from the land. During their tearful goodbye she told him he could never return to Aldoria, and if the fates allowed it, she would one day find him and they could be together again. With one last kiss she sent him off to a safe house to wait for nightfall so he could board a ship in secret that was bound for Mardrun.

Life, with the exception of the past few years, was never easy for Tofalus. This night was not going to be any different. Tofalus was awakened by the frantic pounding on the door by one of Emalia’s most faithful servants, “Guy.” Guy explained that he must leave now. Latissimus had found out where Emalia was hiding him and was on his way over to kill him, a warning which was punctuated by an arrowhead that suddenly appeared poking out of his chest. After fierce fight with Latissimus and three of his men, Tofalus was able to escape with only the clothes on his back and his weapons. Making it to the docks at the last minute he hurried on to the awaiting boat heading to what he hoped would be a safer new life. But wait, some of the boat’s crew look awfully familiar…

Relationships: Friends with: Fortinbras, Aradael, Bite
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Rumors: If they gossip about you, what do they say?

Lives in: Crow’s Landing

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