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September 267

With the coming of the harvests, the continent is moving in to a large amount of activity.


The colonies of New Hope are busy with a large amount of building and improving their slowly growing settlements. From walls, banks, and taverns, the colonies are becoming more fleshed out with the abundance of harvest this year. However, with the harvests, comes the bandits. It has been noted that the bandit activity for the colonies has also risen, but it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary when compared to previous years.


The Settlement of Aylin’s Reach seems to be oddly busy with a peculiar project. It seems that shipwrights and lumber mills in the area are working hard to try and create a large vessel that, has been rumored, to have been requisitioned by an extremely wealthy noble. As for the purpose or use this vessel may serve, it has yet to be seen.


Dominet Martingale seems to have thrown another party this month, and one to be remembered. The “Harvest Festival” that was hosted by the Martingale quickly turned in to a drunkard’s haven as nobles, merchants, and people of name came to this party. Many were invited, and many were let into the event, which led to overcapacity of the estate. It has been said that four casks of Phoenix Wine, two casks of Luna Shine, twelve casks of wine, and four kegs of fine whiskey was consumed in the course of the night, along with an almost endless amount of foods. The next morning there were people hanging in trees, passed out on the roads, and incapacitated in every room


The Ulven clans continue to push back the Mordok lines beyond that of the Shield of Mardrun. They are meeting only mild resistance at best during their fights. Many are concerned, while many are becoming optimistic with the war just right around the corner that their foes will continue to be as difficult as they were before. The majority of these thinkers are barely older than pups, while the more veteran warriors try their best to remind them that they are only facing the weakest of what the swamp has to offer.

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