Played by: Haley Hartwell
Name: Rose
Gender: Female.
Age: 16
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Adventurer
Known Skills: Archer
Birthplace: Unknown
Appearance: Longish brown curly hair, “5’4, glasses
Notable Traits: glasses

I grew up in a small, modest cottage with my mother, father, younger sister, and big brother, who I idolized. At a young age I decided I wanted to become a cleric so I could help heal the wounded. One day when I was out healing a bird’s wing I stumbled upon a man with a wounded leg. His face was caked with grime, but he seemed friendly enough, so I helped heal him and in return, he gave me a bow.
When he first tried to hand it to me I just looked at it stupidly. I was extremely confused; I had no idea how to use a bow, so why would he want to give me one? I had no use for it. He finally handed it to me and began to explain the basics. When he noticed me still staring at it with confusion, he sighed and mumbled something that sounded like “ignorant child” under his breath. He took it from me, obviously trying to be patient, and showed me how I should hold it before handing it back to me. This time I held the bow correctly but when I tried to shoot an arrow it nearly hit the man. He dropped to the ground as the arrow flew over his head, then stood again and dusted himself off. I could tell his patience was wearing thin. I was ready to give him the bow back but then he started setting up makeshift targets for me to shoot at. I felt guilty because a couple of the targets were apples he took out of his mostly empty nap sack. He may go to sleep hungry one night because of those missing apples, and it would be my fault. I started to voice my objections, but he just waved them away and continued his work. Once he was finished with setting up the targets he stood beside me helping me aim. With his help I was able to hit a target. Even though my success was mostly due to his help, I was still excited when the arrow hit. He retrieved the arrow, handed it to me, and told me it was time to shoot by myself. Thankfully, he took some measures to protect himself and stood behind me this time, safely out of my way. I nocked the arrow, drew back, and let it fly. But … my eyes were closed, so I didn’t even know I hit the target until I heard him clapping and laughing.
“What a lucky shot, and even with your eyes closed at that!” I peeked one eye open and saw that what he said was true. “Next time, little one, keep both eyes open” With that he patted me on the head and left. Every day after that I would go to the same spot, set up my targets and practice shooting my bow. Secretly I wondered if he would ever return. A part of me hoped he would so I could show him how much better I was now. I could hit an apple half the time, and my speed was improving too.
When I wasn’t shooting my bow or healing injured animals I would spend my days playing with my sister or following my big brother around. My family was extremely close, and even our extended family lived only minutes away, so when my brother, Puckerman, left one day, I was surprised and upset. It didn’t help that I was angry at him when he left.
“Brother, I want to come with you!”
Puckerman shook his head, “You can’t come with; you’re too young.”
“No I’m not! I can handle myself! I’ve been practicing my bow, I’m not useless.” Hurt colored my voice as I tried to make him see.
“I won’t be responsible for you if something were to happen. It’s not safe where I’m going.”
“But who will look out for you?” I asked, beginning to feel desperate. I had to make him see that he should take me with. I had to.
“There are others that I will be traveling with. They can look out for me just as well as you can.”
“Then why can’t I come with? They can keep me safe as well.”
“Damn it Rose, you’re just not good enough!” He finally yelled, exasperated.
With tears threatening to spill out of my eyes I ran away, not wanting him to see them, the signs of my weakness. Every day for the next year, I practiced my skills, trying to get better and better; training so that one day I may follow my brother, find him, and finally prove to him that I was good enough. Finally, on my 16th birthday, I left home determined to find him.

Relationships: An older brother, Puckerman
Rumors: She seems a little too attached to her brother.

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