Railu Tar

Bio from Kristi Elvester
I am Railu Tar, mate to Groz. I am a dedicated follower of Gaia and practitioner of the Craft. I dedicate myself to healing and preserving life. Traveling to learn and experience all that I can of Her great splendor.
My parents are Dezra and Rhett, a quiet couple who preferred to keep to themselves. They chose to not interact much with the rest of the Pack and Clan, so my ties to the larger community were not exceptionally strong. My parents never offered a reason why. I am their only offspring. I began with humble upbringings, my parents wanting to teach me the value of what is earned. I may be young at the age of 24, but I have been called wise beyond my years. I may be a bit timid, but I am observant and love to share knowledge. I am a peaceful type, preferring not to use my martial training if I can avoid it, as I was trained as most Ulven are at a young age.
I began my travels with Groz a few years ago when he came to our village seeking a place to rest his head. I was born into the Pack Fenrir of the Clan Nightriver. I left them peacefully with permission to begin this journey of learning and traveling. I was called to a life of wanderlust and curiosity. Groz and I have enjoyed our journey together thus far, and are always ready for the next adventure.
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