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Oak Harrison

PLAYED BY: Rydge Craker
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: 25
RACE: Human
HAIR: Shaved
EYES: Green
KNOWN SKILLS: Alchemist, Dual Wielder, Brave, Loyal, Business Man
BIRTHPLACE: Aldoria (Childhood), Crows Landing (Adulthood)
APPEARANCE: Tall, built, charismatic man.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Addicted to food, enjoys spending time with and talking to animals, slightly crazy.
RUMORS: Greatest Alchemist of All Time!

The first memory I have is a grim one; ten years old and yet enough trauma to hurt just about anyone. Clearer than any other memory I have. It was raining the day my parents were brutally murdered by the attacks of the penitent. We had heard screams coming for what seemed like hours before they finally attacked. My mother, Marie, and my father, Torvald, hid with me in the small inlet beneath the stone staircase that connected the basement to the rest of our house. Moments passed like hours as the beads of sweat on my forehead slid down my face. I could feel my heart pounding on my temples. I knew something was about to go wrong the moment I heard our door slam to the ground. My mother cupped her hand around my mouth to try and silence the imminent terror that was about to overtake me. I could hear footsteps tracing their way across the floor upstairs. Each one caused my stomach to sink lower and lower. After a few more thuds, my father finally stood up. He turned around with a look in his eyes—A look that I was not familiar with. I know now that it was the look of utter defeat, but back then I just thought it was fear. He nodded and without saying anything, he brushed our cheeks and walked up the stairs slowly. After he left, Mother stood up and started covering the area we were hiding in with rags and sheets in an attempt to camouflage it. She settled back in next to me and went silent. A few seconds of unbearable silence passed before I heard the unforgettable schlik of a sword sliding through the flesh of someone’s neck. There were no screams… only laughter—a laugh that most certainly didn’t belong to my father. The footsteps of the invader began making their way down the stone steps. Mother kissed my head, held her breath and pushed her way out of the hiding place. A few tears ran down her face. To this day, those moments still haunt me. If she hadn’t gone out there and distracted the man, he would’ve found both of us. I bit my lip as my mother’s scream pierced the silence, followed shortly by the thud of her decapitated head hitting the floor. I still don’t know why the man didn’t check the area more thoroughly, but he left shortly after killing them. I really try not to question it. Perhaps it was a favor from the gods. I don’t know. All I knew at the time was that I was a newly orphaned ten year old living in the house where my parents were murdered, in a city that had just been raided. I knew I had to get out, and with no family and nowhere to go, I sought refuge in Vandregon, knowing that a country with a larger army would stand a far better chance against whatever it was that had raided us.

The trek took me many days. My mother, being an alchemist, had been teaching me her art since I was about five years old. If I hadn’t known how to make basic medicines and poisons, I don’t think I could’ve made it there by myself. I’m still not sure how I did it. I was a resilient child.

I arrived just in time to see that Vandregon wasn’t doing as well as I had hoped. They were at war and the raids were already happening. I had heard speak about ships leaving out of the port for a new continent. Knowing it could very well be my only hope, I stowed away on the first ship I could find.

On the ship I made very few friends, save one: Elijah Cole. He helped me stay hidden and in exchange I showed him my knowledge of alchemy, while I claimed that I was the thing I had always strived to be: the greatest alchemist of all time.

When we finally made it to Mardrun, Elijah and I parted ways. I began working on my alchemy, hoping to make a career out of it. Over time I picked up a few sword-fighting techniques to help me get by when times were tough.

After about 15 years I asked to join a faction called the Rangers as they were in need of an alchemist and I was in need of a stable job. They seemed like a tight family that would watch my back as I watched theirs. It was then that I was reunited with Elijah, the one whom had actually pulled some strings to allow me to join. I was hoping this would start a new leaf in my life.

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