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Nikiri Umbra

Name: Nikiri Umbra
Player: Aaron Pfeffer
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Religion: Unknown (seems to hear a voice in his head)

Bio: It’s a stormy night as a soldier runs through a small remote town, the sounds of battle in the distance. He runs up a set of stairs, throws open the door and sees a man leaning over a table with a helmet, a spear and a shield next to him. He quickly walks over and says, “Commander Nikiri, the men are barely holding the Undead at the gate.” The man looks over his shoulder at the soldier and says, “What about the town’s people? Have they been put on the boats?” The soldier replies, “Yes Sir, they’re just waiting on us.” Commander Nikiri, “Hmm, good. Get to the boat. I will go to the gate and have the men fall back.” Soldier, “Yes Sir.” As the soldier runs out of the building, the commander puts his helmet on, picks up his spear and shield, takes one last looks around the room, then walks out into the rain.

Commander Nikiri Umbra is the Commander of the town guard of a small Vandregonian town named Valdell. The people of the town always greet and treat him with kindness. He is a strong willed man who has made the oath he took when he joined the guard the focus of his life. To guard and protect the people of the town and people who are in need. To do right wherever he can. He was raised to treat people with respect and honor, but he hates the dishonorable. Those that would take advantage of the weak. He only tells his name to the people that have truly earned his trust and respect. As a result of his personality, he rose quickly through the ranks of the town guard and became the youngest commander the small town has had.

As Commander Nikiri runs up onto the gate, he sees the men manning the watch towers firing arrows down into the undead ranks. Men on the ground are bracing against the gate, doing their best to hold it shut. One of the soldiers notices Commander Nikiri and shouts “Commander, they will break through any moment now.” The Commander shouts back, “Everyone pull back and board the ships. Move it!” All the soldiers shout “Yes Sir!” and start running back to the docks.

Just as they reach the street to the docks, the gate breaks open and Undead start to pour through. A soldier shouts, “Oh crap. They broke through!” Commander Nikiri shouts back, “Double time to the boats people!” Right as he turns to start running, something hits him in the back of the head and he falls to the ground. He hears a soldier shout, “Commander! Come on guys pick him up. We need to get him to the ship.” He feels them start to pick him up then he blacks out.

He starts to hear noises and feels like he’s rocking. He manages to open his eyes and sees he’s in the hold of a ship that appears to be getting thrown around by waves. He hears wood crack and someone shouting for a bucket, then blacks out again. He awakes again but this time he’s lying on a beach. As he gets up, he sees wreckage all around him. He looks inland and says to himself, “These are not the shores of the mainland.” He starts walking down the beach in search of supplies and equipment. He manages to find a spear and shield but nothing else. He decides to head inland to see if he can find some food or maybe a town.

Over time he manages to find food and a town, but he has never seen these people before. He manages to get some supplies. He couldn’t get any information from the colonists since he felt like they didn’t want him there, so once he got his supplies he left town and started wandering. Through his travels, he gathers plants to make food with and eventually he was able to make more than he needs. He now sells the extra food he makes and hires out as a short time mercenary for some extra money. He keeps wandering and exploring this land that he has washed up on in peace, occasionally stopping to talk to someone that isn’t there.

He hasn’t found any trace of his people that came with him from Valdell. How could they all have disappeared? What are the odds that he would be the only survivor when he wasn’t even conscious when the boat wrecked? During his wanderings, he always keeps a sharp eye for a familiar face and is determined to find out what happened to his people.

Yet it seems he cannot escape war. In his travels he has heard whispers of battles and a growing war and he feels that he will be swept up in it at some point. If he is forced to join in the battle, he would join with the side that is in need, but also honorable and just.

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