Played by:Jenni Babcock
Name: Martha
Gender: female
Race: human
Hair: red
Eyes: hassle green
Occupation: I worked in a bar once
Known Skills:i can Handel a sword pretty well
Birthplace: crows landing
Appearance: short
Notable Traits: well I can cook and clean

Bio: I grew up in crows landing in a small cottage closest to the sea. I have a big family; my parents, three brothers, and two sisters. I’m the oldest so I worked at a bar until the rangers got me to join them. I still remember seeing them for the first time. In the winter we had run so low on supplies and as soon as they arrived all they did was help. They didn’t even ask for anything. They did so much to help us threw that winter joining them was my way of saying thanks. Puckermen has been teaching me how to fight with a sword and its been a struggle but I’m learning.
Its hard leaving my family all the time but I feel like I’m really helping people. We do a lot of scouting mostly. It’s fun, kind of like taking a walk threw the woods for a picnic or something, but its not all fun. On one of my first patrols with them things turned south fast. We went on a stranded patrol with four men. Puckermen was in charge. There some ulven named Nickoli and a tall guy with a shield as big as me named Bob. We where an hours walk from the village when it happened. I heard a sharp sound from the trees and felt so much pain in my chest, it made me fall to the ground. An arrow was sticking out of my chest the pain was so great. I heard the sound of fighting. I could barley keep my eyes open I saw five men pushing out of the woods three had bows. It was then I saw that Nickoli had been hit as well, two arrows stuck out of his back. Bob had taken to fighting the two men that had ran in with swords drawn. Puckermen came to my side and pulled me to my feet he yelled at me “FIGHT!” The rest is a blur. I didn’t do much. Bob killed three of them and Puckermen killed one more but the third archer ran into the woods. We let him get away Puckermen healed Nickoli while we rested then we searched the bodies and burned them. we didn’t find much. Puckermen talked to me when we got back he could tell how helpless I felt. He promised to teach me how to be a better fighter. I hope I can help others as much as they helped me.

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