Played by: Jacob Beardsley
Name: Luka
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Servant
Birthplace: Unsure
Appearance: Wears red and grey coat
Notable Traits: Submissive and overly polite

Luka was born as a member of Clan Grimward, but he doesn’t remember where his place of birth is. At age 6, Luka was captured and raised as a servant by humans, little more than a slave. This was in a time of turmoil between the humans and the Ulven so it wasn’t uncommon for villages to be sacked and people to go missing. From there Luka was stripped of his birth name and given the name he now uses. This was to demoralize and emotionally break those who were captured. Then the beating began. Luka was beaten and forced to become compliant and obedient. Luka was then kept in a human camp as a worker and servant. This only lasted a couple years before he was moved, then moved again, and again, and again from camp to camp as more humans arrived. Once they became more established, it was decided that to keep Luka around without some pretext would be suspicious to the higher human authorities in the area. Therefore, Luka was wrongly charged with attempting to steal a valuable sword from a human officer. He was then offered a choice: death, or to continue his servitude. Luka chose the latter. Fourteen years passed since his initial capture, and life got pretty good. Luka accepted life and learned to enjoy his situation. A month ago Luka was traveling with his latest master, a small time merchant. They were suddenly jumped by bandits and his master was hurt. But out of nowhere a man showed up and rescued them from the bandits. He wore red and black and called himself Eli. Not having much to pay the rescuer, the merchant offered Luka’s services as payment and the deal was struck. Shortly after that, Eli explained that he had no wish to oppress a person in the way that Luka had been, and he freed Luka from his service. This confused Luka, as he could not comprehend a free lifestyle, and he insisted that he would stay with Eli and work for him. After a long debate, a deal was made between the two. In exchange for loyalty and service to Eli’s faction, the Crimson Shades, Luka would receive room and board. This pleased Luka and in no time he settled right back into his common role as a servant. But this time, it was different. These people didn’t see him as a mongrel criminal, but rather an actual person. He took an exceptional liking to Eli and tends to still refer to him as “Master”, much to Eli’s discontent. Luka now also cares for the needs of the rest of the faction referring to most of them as “sir” or “madam”. This is now his life and he couldn’t be happier.

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