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Lillian Mae


Played by: Cassandra Meltesen
Name: Lillian Mae
Gender: Female
Age: 81 (born in 184)
Race: Syndar
Class: Cleric
Hair: Long brunette hair with blonde tips
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Alchemist
Known Skills: Divine casting, potion brewing, capability with sword and sheild.
Birthplace: Koehali (Faedrun)
Appearance: A small older Syndar woman
Notable Traits: The blonde in her hair and the markings on her right cheek.
Relationships: Only child. Parents have been deceased for over 60 years. No known close friends or confidants. Casually known by the townsfolk of the village she’s been living beside. Was a close friend of Vazra 60 years ago.
Rumors: Suspiciously little is known about her.

Many years ago she traveled with and fought alongside the Vandregon 5th. She left the 5th Regiment shortly after the death of her closest companions, most of whom she had grown up with in the village of Koehali. It is not known where she went to or what she did after leaving the 5th Regiment because Lillian rarely speaks of her time on Faedrun. She traveled to Mardrun in one of the last boats to cross over, arriving in New Aldoria. Several years ago she settled on the outskirts of a small village located a ways inland. After setting up a shack and alchemy lab she involved herself only as much as necessary with village life, interacting with the townsfolk only to trade and sell her wares. The villagers knew her as the reclusive town alchemist. Some whom she aided hold her in high regard, whereas others find her suspicious and disliked her and her reclusively. In December of 265 she packed up the most valuable of her belongings and left the small village behind.


Played by: Cassandra Meltesen
Name: Lillian Mae
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Syndar
Hair: brown, blonde tipped
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Survivor
Known Skills: Light footed, deceptive. Average capability with simple weapons. Average capability with a shield.
Birthplace: Koehali
Appearance: Medium height
Notable Traits: The blonde in my hair, and markings on right cheek.

Bio: Lillian had an easy childhood and plenty of friends growing up in Koehali. There weren’t any fellow children that she didn’t get along with, except for Vazra and his friends. She hated him with a passion and she had made it a habit to steal his toys. Vazra was always all righteous and wouldn’t lie to the adults when she wanted him to, it irritated her. All aside, Vazra wasn’t much of an angel, he liked to tease and make Lillian’s life difficult. He didn’t succeed for the most part, life was good for Lillian. Then her parents died when she was fifteen. The death of her parents destroyed her. She became reclusive, isolated herself from her friends, she even ceased fighting with Vazra. It was not long after losing her parents that rumors of the undead first reached the village’s ears. Most inhabitants laughed at those warnings, they dismissed such grave news as a children’s story made to scare the young ones from wandering in the woods at night. Lillian believed the rumors, something inside her told her that they were true. She wasn’t disturbed by it though, in her mind it was only right that the rest of the world should fall apart as her world had already done. When the first attack came, she did not let them take her. She ran possessed with a will to live that she had forgotten she had. She ran far away from the screams, and further still into woods she did not recognize. When she finally stumbled across another person, they thought her to be undead, but undead do not cry out pleas of mercy. She traveled with her finder until they reached civilization, then she stole from him all that she could make use of. Taverns became a great source of information. She listened and stole and ran from the rumors of undead until she met a familiar face traveling with soldiers, Chisei. A beam of light amongst the dark, a reminder of the happy years of her life. Lillian had forgotten what it was like to care whether someone lived or died, for three years she had been on her own. She latched on to her old friend who is now called. ‘Artona,’ as she was no longer going by her birth name, Artona was surprised but happy still to see a familiar face and Lillian eagerly joined her crew. The soldiers were headed in the direction that she had been running and ranks of warriors to hide behind sounded appealing, so pretending to share their views felt like a wondrous idea. With them she was taught how to better wield a weapon and how to carry a shield, Artona even attempted to teach her how to properly bandage a wound. As Artona and her talked they both slowly began to agree with the cause they had at first only adopted to better their chances of survival. Alone she would have continued to run. With a friend by her side and the world ending, why not stand and fight?

Relationships: Family is deceased. Chisei Penton is a friend. Vazra was a childhood enemy.
Rumors: It is suspected that she’d run from a fight if the odds were not in her favor. Strangely collected in the middle of such chaos. Coldhearted one second and overly attached to the friends she has left the next. Has been known to steal.

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