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Letter’s to the Princess—er, Priestess

Raskolf Vakr

Dear Priestess Ravensmark,

I regret to inform you that the portents you read on the winds from the West were true. The colonists have indeed brought their doom with them. Hungry ghosts walk on Mardrun. I have not only seen these abominations with my own eyes, but they have tasted my steel. They are formidable foes, and much faster than they look. They must be burned quickly or they will recover from even the most grievous wounds. They are led by a powerful spellcaster who is called “The Lich”. We tracked it and confronted it in combat, but it used foul sorceries to escape.

I know that my past disgrace forbids me from recommending any strategic or tactical advice to the Council of Elders, but perhaps you, my Priestess, may suggest that we dispatch the Eyes and the Ears of the Watchwolves to the West in force. The hungry ghosts will have difficulty finding bodies in our lands, thanks to the grace and wisdom of our sacred traditions, but I fear that the portents you sensed on the West wind could also be something yet to come, perhaps from the sea.

Also, my Priestess, I was thinking perhaps you may consider making a motion to form an elite inter-clan war pack, with the mission of traveling west and recruiting the most stalwart warriors from across the Ulven nation. In these most troubling times, the need for unity is greater than it has ever been in several lifetimes. It is for this reason, that I was hoping that perhaps you could recommend that this pack include not only the best of the Ulven nation, but representatives from the Humans and Syndar as well. Please forgive me if I have overstepped my bounds, but I was humbled tonight like I have not been since the day I became your Warder. We know nothing of these hungry ghosts, and we will not be able to fight them by ourselves. We are a proud people, but I of all Ulven warriors now and ever, know firsthand, how foolish pride can be. I know the damage it can do. Tonight, when the situation was bleak, a frightened and desperate group of people looked to me for guidance and leadership. I addressed the situation in the most logical way, and made a sound decision in the best of judgment. It was the wrong decision, and it almost cost us our lives. I made the wrong decision because I don’t understand this new enemy, and we, as a people, will not learn everything there is to know until it is too late. We cannot stand alone. Tonight, I learned something about the colonists. Yes, these Humans and Syndar carry their doom with them. They failed their people, and made terrible mistakes in the past, but as you once told me, my beloved Priestess, some things can only be learned the hard way. In New Aldoria, I told the Crown Prince that I didn’t understand humanity. Now I do. They are like me. We must stand together. It is our Last Hope.

Your Faithful Servant,

Raskolf Vakr, the Voice of the Watchwolves

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