Leon Beldwick

Character name: Leon Beldwick

Played by: Hamish Cummings

Gender: male

Class: rogue

Age: 26

Race: human

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Birthplace: unknown

UPDATE: Leon Beldwick was killed in July of 267 after a fight broke out in the town of Haven. Leon jumped in to help his comrades and fight back against the town guard, but when losses began to mount, the group had to retreat and try to escape. On the run and outnumbered, Leon was cornered by some of the guards of Haven and was killed.

Bio: Born in the year 240. His birthplace is unknown as he was left at the doorstep of a church in the village of Glendale around the age of one. Until the age of 13 he worked in the fields and studied at the church. After that he was recruited by the military where he learned battle tactics and, became a scout.

When he was 16 he met his wife Elizabeth Merchant. A year later he married Elizabeth and, retired his sword to become a farmer. Quickly after being married Elizabeth gave birth to Samuel Beldwick. Life was perfect for Leon and, he finally felt he had found a peaceful and, happy way of life. That is until two years later when a hoard of barbarians from the nation of Richtcrag raided and, burned down his village. They broke into his house and murdered Leon’s wife and son in the process. Leon quickly got revenge by hunting down and killing the barbarians that raided his village. This brought Leon no closure though and, he soon became a drunken sell sword for a country in turmoil from the Undead.

He wandered Faedrun for a few years drinking and, working any odd jobs he could find. One afternoon in his usual drunken state he was walking down a pier in a harbor city in the eastern part of Faedrun when he thought he saw his wife Elizabeth getting on to a ship heading to the continent of Mardrun. Without hesitation he paid the coin to board the ship. Leon searched the ship for days looking for Elizabeth before accepting the fact that it was just a drunken mirage. He decided then to give up drinking to inebriation.

After the long travel across sea Leon finally made it to Mardrun. While traveling to the Town of New Hope his group was ambushed by Mordok and, Leon and, a man named Lux were separated from the group. A few Mordok saw the two and, gave chase. Leon and, Lux started running but, had to stop as another savage humanoid was in their path. This humanoid was not as dark skinned as the Mordok, but looked just as savage. The two were running from danger, but this man didn’t look any less dangerous. Leon would come to find out that this humanoid was an Ulven. This was the first time Leon had seen a Mordok as well as the first time he had seen an Ulven. At first he saw the Ulven as an enemy but, his view quickly changed when the Ulven helped them fight off the Mordok.

After the fight Leon learned that the Ulvens name was Toralf Grimmsvulker. The three soon became allies and, decided to join together and become battle brothers.

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