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Jaune Arc

PLAYED BY: Jaime Arreguin
CLASS: Cleric
AGE: 22
RACE: Human
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
OCCUPATION: Traveling Field Healer
KNOWN SKILLS: Simple Divine Magic, Meditation Prayers, First Aid, Field Healer,
Stories and Lore of Divine Magic
APPEARANCE: Tall man with black medium length hair, red shirt or tabard depending on
whether he his relaxing or fighting. Typically clean shaven unless too preoccupied with thoughts to bother.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Always willing to help wherever he can, and entirely too trusting of people

I was only seven when I came to Mardrun. My parents realized that the colonists would need help on these new lands and decided to go help establish the towns such as New Hope and the surrounding areas. The memories are still there from the passage of the sea and fighting of the Ulven, but have become muddled with time. What I most clearly remember are the two faces of my father. The Battle Priest and the Devout Healer for all. I started training with him about a year after the truce was called with the Ulven. It was a long and arduous process; I still have much to learn from the gods. There is much blood on my hands from both my sword and my failures as a healer, but I am determined to press on.

My mother was a simpler woman. She took care of me when father had work and allowed me to find solace when my heart was low. She was everything a son could ask for. A seamstress by trade and hobby, she always made sure to keep me well fed and well clothed.
Because of this, I didn’t see her starving herself for my sake. She died leaving me with my
father to ensure my survival.
However, my father took the loss hard and filled the empty space in his heart with work.
He no longer saw me as his son but only as his student. From this I learned a great deal of
healing, especially during the time of the survivors of Aldoria coming to New Hope. Although
conflict was avoided, tension from both sides still created injury, both purposeful and
After much work in New Hope and the surrounding area, I now travel to practice
my healing and swordplay to protect the innocent. I hope the gods watch over me and allow me
to do much work. I have been traveling around the interior of Clan Nightriver’s land offering my
service as a healer for a few years now. There is one thing I must say from my few years of
practicing my craft by myself. The two most harrowing sounds are the cries of a parent as they
lose a child and a lover losing their other half to the cold grip of death. I have heard both up
close and personal and have caused more than my fair share from my failure to save a life.
Hopefully the gods can forgive me and take away the screams I hear in my nightmares every
night. I pray the gods will allow me this last hope. I am making my way towards the front line of
the Grimward invasion as a way to repent for these losses and to offer my aid to those in need. I
hope to survive on the hospitality of others and offer my services cheap or no cost at all, but I will
have to see how that works out for me.

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