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Ishvan Vladoff

Name: (Uncle) Ishvan Vladoff
Birth place: (cold barren location on old continent)
Age: 23
Race: Human
Traits of note: Cheery disposition with morbid humor
Slavic or Russian accent
Blunt and loud


Ishvan was born the youngest of 8 children. Ishvan’s large family has gifted him with 24 nieces and nephews, and being that he is part of such a large family and village many of the names known to them have been reused. This lead to a person’s title, position, or family relation being used like a first name followed by the persons actual name. Thus he introduces himself as Uncle Ishvan. As the youngest he was often charged with the protection of his nieces and nephews, such as it was while the village was attacked by undead. While he was first told to use a shield to protect them, there he found that he was frequently pressed by the undead and needed assistance. Upon a whim, he grabbed a great sword to bat away the foes. There he found power to drive his foes back with the strength of his arms. From there he focused on building his body and yearned for more power. During this time the village held strong against the occasional wave due to village’s sense of community. Unfortunately the undead were relentless, enough so to force his family to travel to the new continent to escape to safety. The people on Mardrun were not like the village he had left behind, and for several years he stood out in Newhope as a form of outsider. Eventually, he started to look for work and decided to help a caravan go through a forsaken swamp of sorts. There he started to see the struggles on this continent as well with these creature called Mordok. There he bonded the crimson shades and saw the strength of their community of arms. He also witnessed firsthand the phenomenon known as Witch Magic, with casters seamlessly blending together both divine and arcane magic as though they were the same thing. The spectacle awed and humbled him, leaving thoughts as to what power lays within magic itself.

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