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Dorn Tallstag

Played by: Truman Shortridge

Character Name: Dorn Tallstag

Class: Warrior

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (player age 16)

Race: Human/Ulven

Occupation: Hired Sword.

Known Skills: Armor Proficiency, Improved Armor Proficiency, Rage, Basic First Aid,

Two-Handed Fighting, Improved Two-Handed Fighting

Birthplace: The small town of Daggerford, in Clan Riverhead territory.

Dorn Tallstag was born to parents Alice Tallstag (the village healer) and Barton Longstride (a wandering Bard) in the small farming village of Daggerford, on the continent of Mardrun. He grew up there hunting, fishing and idealizing the three guards who protected the village from the occasional raid of Mordok. But mostly hung out scaring the children, but not Dorn. Dorn worshiped them to the point that they were almost like gods to him. But you have to understand that these were just farmers with rusty swords and broken armor.
When Dorn was seven his father disappeared, leaving his life in shambles. But that wasn’t the end of his troubles. When he was thirteen, a traveling adventurer named Malek Barenholder came to Daggerford hunting a pack of Mordok, but no one in the village knew anything about the pack Malek was hunting, so the strange man continued on his way. The day after that, Dorn was out hunting deer by the river when he noticed a red piece of fabric in the tall grass. So he looked closer. It was Malek’s cape, and underneath it was Malek himself, bleeding from multiple blows to the head, and an arrow protruding from his back. Dorn carried Malek back to his mother. Months later after Malek had mostly recovered Dorn asked if he would help him learn to fight. Malek did and one year after that when Dorn was fourteen he and Malek set out for the Dirge Swamp. But a few days into their journey they were ambushed and Malek was slain. In a sudden rage Dorn killed the few remaining Mordok that had ambushed them.
He returned to protect the village of Daggerford but soon got bored and and left for the Dirge Swamp again to fight alongside the legendary Pack Longfang. Now with his life shattered he tries to suppress the anger inside him but if pushed enough he will snap and the anger will overcome him and be unleashed and wreak havoc on those around him… friends and foes.

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