Dimitri Fallen-Cry

Played By: Dante Hardy
Name: Dimitri Fallen-Cry
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Age: 37

Dimitri Fallen-Cry is the second oldest of the Fallen-Cry brothers. Unlike his brothers he goes to great lengths to refine his magical abilities. He and his brothers Artorias trained in the May’Kar for a few years before the Undead and Penitent seized control of the city. Dimitri and his brothers were able to flee just in time and decided to return home.

After being displaced for over a year, Dimitri returned to his families home to meet up with the rest of his family. They were able to return to normal life for over five years before the war began to reach their territory. They were forced out by the undead and penitent forces surging from the newly conquered cities and villages. The penitent drove the Fallen-Cry further into the Kingdom of Vandregon where they spent the next nine years moving and relocating in the Kingdom of Vandregon. Rumors reached Dimitri and Artorias of a new continent free of the undead and that a colonization effort was under way. Dimitri and Artorias decided to take the family and move them to this new continent. Although the journey was long and difficult Dimitri and his brothers were able to get to the shores and chartered a boat to leave for Mardrun. However, this move to the shores cost the lives of most of the Fallen-Cry family who were either killed or captured and this left the brothers and some relatives to carry on the family name.

Dimitri prefers not to use violence, but he is still trained with a blade for an amateur. He takes great pride in his magical skills, however family means more to Dimitri, in his mind family would come first then his magic skills. He takes any offense to his brothers as a offense and an attack on him as well, and will defend them to the end.

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