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December 266 – News and Rumors

Coming as little surprise to anyone across Mardrun, the talk of taverns far and wide is the recent Grand Moot help in Clan Ironmound’s territory. There were a number of rumors regarding the events, often contradictory: Some say fights broke out that left at least one representative dead, others claim that the discussions were quick and peaceful. Speaking to those in attendance and weeding through bad information, however, paints a more complete picture. Tensions flared during the meeting as rivals and enemies shared the same ground, and as individuals pled their cases before any who would listen. At the end of the day, a compromise was reached; Warpacks would scour the Great Forest and push out the majority of the remaining Mordok during the winter months. Then during the spring thaw, smaller settlements would send aid to the border of the swamp to build defenses while the larger clans began an assault on the Mordok in hopes of putting them on the defensive. While many of those in attendance felt the move was too aggressive and others felt it was not decisive enough, it was the plan that was inevitably chosen, and has dictated the direction of Mardrun for the coming months.

In addition to the announcement of the Mordok Hunt beginning in January, another declaration took many by surprise. Clan Riverhead has been officially disbanded due to the recent string of losses and tragedy which has befallen their people. Those who remain have consolidated themselves into the newly reformed Pack Riverhead, which has taken up the offer for protection and vengeance offered by Clan Shattered Spear.

Swords are sharpened and armor is polished as warriors prepare for the coming war, though they are not alone in their work. With the cure for the Creeping Corruption confirmed and dispersed, coordinated cleansing efforts have begun across the continent. It will likely be several months before all of the corrupted are cured, though this glimmer of hope has been enough to stave off death for many of the afflicted and to lessen the burden on those settlements housing them.

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