Player: Zack Alesch


Age: Just Enough (*wink wink nudge nudge)
Occupation: Troubadour
Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Appearance: Ponytailed Jester, backpack of instruments, sometimes paints his nose red
Known Skills: Whatever is randomly needed for the story at that exact moment, though mostly music

Birthplace: Aldoria

Good day sirs! How fare thee? The name is Barnabas, traveling musician, storyteller, buckler-swasher, troubadour, minstrel, adventurer, singer, and jester. You may know me by my other names, like the Gewgaw of Aldoria, the Archbishop of Banterbury, the “One guy they really wanted to throw off the boat but couldn’t because it would be murder”, Giacamo the King of Jesters, the Jack of Spades (or hearts, depending on who’s asking) or Slayer of the Bandit of the East Wood. Interesting story with that last one.
I had been performing at taverns in a small town for a few weeks, and heard rumor of a brigand robbing poor settlers in the nearby woods. Being a man of chivalry and virtue, I could not stand idly by letting evil profit and stew. I grabbed my trusty blade, Knightstar, and set off at a brisk pace. Had it not been for my keen senses, I’d not have heard the highwayman ambushing from above. He was hewn atwain before he hit the ground. Thusly, the day was saved, and I returned to town a hero. There were many festivities at the tavern that night, and I played and drank till I couldn’t stand.
That reminds me of another story, for no particular reason. It was at the dreaded and climactic battle of the civil war, and a payment was out for able-bodied mercenaries to assist the coalition. I knew this was a decisive battle, and set out to do my part. Little did I expect the job to land me surrounded by a gang of bloodthirsty Greytide savages! I had to think fast, outnumbered and outmatched. Quick as a whip, I challenged their wisest to an honor duel, in form of a game of dice. Luck was on my side, and I won my life. Bitter, my opponent spit in my eye before storming off, his sullen band following behind him. It seems even the most evil of Ulven must always keep their word.
Indeed I have many stories to tell, but that is but a glimpse of what I do. From birth, back in Aldoria, before…when my folks were still… well, before I ended up on Madrun, I was quite the musician. These last few years, I’ve been playing for taverns in New Oarsmeet, and wandering between towns. Shall I play you a song? I sing too. In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind a small game of dice, if you have any silver you’d be fine putting up. The night is indeed young, and it ought to be a merry one, if I can help it.

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