Audhild Wind Walker

PLAYED BY: Jennifer Schneiderman


CHARACTER NAME: Audhild Wind Walker Spiritclaw

GENDER: Female
CLASS: Cleric
AGE: 26
RACE: Ulven
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

OCCUPATION: Truthseeker of Clan Spiritclaw

KNOWN SKILLS: Staff, Divine 1 & 2, Arcane 1, Witch Magic, Weaver Magic, Mana Reserves 1, Lore: Ritual, Lore: Decipher Magic, Meditation

BIRTHPLACE: Pack Wind Walker of Clan Spiritclaw

APPEARANCE: Purple face paint of Clan Spiritclaw, likes to have her hair back.

RELATIONSHIPS: Student of Ravina Spiritclaw. She has worked with all manner of factions and packs, notably The Order of Arnath’s Light, The Ravens, and Pack Longfang.

Audhild stood outside the study of her superior, shifting from foot to foot. In the past weeks she had barely slept and only eaten when she felt unconsciousness creeping at the back of her eyes. It had been a month since she had returned from the field; most of her waking hours had been spent meditating on what she had done.

She had spent years, in fact all her years, training to be a Truthseeker. The pursuit of knowledge was her divine purpose as chosen by Gaia. Through the movement of fate, that purpose, that pursuit of truth had led her to the Dirge swamp, seeking a way to contain the magic of a corruption idol within a living person. She had the necessary ritual, but she could not perform it herself. She needed three volunteers, and through deception recruited those around her to assist including a young pup from Pack Longfang. Audhild told her volunteers that the ritual would remove the corruption from an idol; she did not tell them where the corruption would go. Only three others knew of her intentions, one being a cleric who helped with the ritual, another the mage who took the corruption into his body, and third their companion, all of them members of Arnath’s Light. Audhild performed the ritual and sealed the corruption inside Ezra, the mage. She succeeded in her mission but did so through lies and manipulations. In search of knowledge, Audhild besmirched her own honor.

When she asked Gaia for the power to place an aura of protection on Ezra, he should have been safe, but still after the ritual he siphoned all mana around him and couldn’t cast as he used to. It was unexpected, but otherwise he seemed fine. Within the next months misfortune began to fall on Audhild and her friends in the Order. Ezra’s bones became brittle to the point where he could hardly walk, and violence and political strife placed a chokehold on the Order’s home of Starkhaven. She watched helplessly as each day Ezra wasted away in front of her, corrupted and losing his connection the stream of mana; he almost looked hollowed.

It felt as though Gaia was punishing her deeds, punishing those around her who took part in what some considered a heinous ritual. When she meditated she received no visions. When she asked Gaia for answers she received no response. Could Gaia not hear her? Or did she actively choose not listen?

Lost, but with a sense of duty to keep an eye on Ezra, Audhild followed an Order caravan to Dawntop, home to Pack Dawnrock of Clan Shattered Spear. Every day Audhild was plagued by the same questions with no answers. Gaia had led her to perform the ritual, so why wouldn’t she answer her now? Why would she turn her back on Audhild after she had sacrificed her own honor for the purposes of knowledge and the good of the continent? At her most desperate she saw two Longfang warriors in the middle of a rune reading.

It was primitive, but after much thought, she realized there were no other options left for her. She asked the Runes what to do; she asked how to make things right with Gaia. She asked how to be successful in her pursuit, how to go forward and regain her honor. The warrior, Thrand, cast her runes, and gave her the answer she had been looking for.

Her mission became clear: settle her own heart and heal those who she had wronged. Then, and only then, would she reap the reward of her endeavors. She began with the Warpack Leader, Sigurmon Shattered Spear, but he would not hear her words until she had received forgiveness from all the others that she had damaged through her manipulation. Audhild returned to her Clan in a daze, her mind cloudy and spinning. She had no idea how to even begin to right those she had wronged.

Countless hours of meditation had yielded nothing but the occasional cloudy vision. Though she couldn’t see what they aimed to show her, in every instance she felt the sense of movement, as if the world around her was always shifting. She had come to ask Ravina Spiritclaw for permission to join that movement. She needed to settle her heart and soul and go look for the truth which lies within herself. She would never find her answers here; she needed the freedom to follow her heart. She needed to go on a spiritual journey; one where she would be able to journey and search for what she sought. With an unsteady hand, she knocked on Ravina’s door and took a step inside.

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