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Alestear – [Baron] [Renowned]

Name: Alestear
Player: Matt Edwardson
Race: Syndar (Silver skinned)
Class: Mage

Day 1
This one begins his mentoring tomorrow. This is his first time as any teacher. He is nervous but excited. This one just needs to remember to keep himself in check and not get overly emotional.

Day 2
This one is mentoring one known as Phaedra. He has heard she excelled in her classes. This one is heading to meet her now. This one is still nervous and on edge
Day 3
We have just arrived in Risoul It seems as if things are going well. This one will take Phaedra to meet with the magistrate later this afternoon. We shall see if there are any issues he needs help with or any other necessities.

Day 4
Today this one has shown Phaedra what some of our normal duties in each town will be. We had nothing exciting to deal with today. Some farmers wanted us to officiate a start of the harvest with a prayer to Lunara. There was a land dispute that this one had to quell by having magistrate Arowen find the documents of purchase. This one really does not mind the easy days, he remembers a few days under his old master where we were rushing to keep up with our demands. This one even remember officiating over a Rahd Noc. That was an experience this one will not soon forget.

Day 5
We will head out to our next town either in the morning or that of the next day. We have had only a joining ceremony to attend and say a blessing at. Risoul is run well and does not need much help from us.

Day 6
Magister Arowen has asked this one to stay in town one more day in case of any emergencies that may arise. This one agreed to do so. We took the day to leisurely shop around the town. This one made sure what little supplies were used already were replenished. This one also decided to pick up a set of earrings that have caught his eye. We are headed out in the morning to Faywerth, it is only a days walk out towards the coast.

Day 7
We have just arrived in Faywerth and given residence with the magistrate. His name is Rowjak. This on will see what duties await us in the morning. This one may have Phaedra show him what she can do when put in charge.

Day 8
This one has taken Phaedra to speak with magistrate Rowjak. We have had a few duties to perform today. Phaedra seemed so frightened when this one told her she would have to officiate today’s duties. We again had a prayer to Lunara for the harvest season, two land disputes, a livestock ownership issue as well as sitting in on a trial of a thief. This one did make sure to help when Phadrea did not know what exactaly to do but he did not have to help overly much. She seems to absorb her information quite quickly and quite well.

Day 9
We had a few more trials to sit in on today. It seems that some humans are trying to move towards the coast and are causing an issue while passing through thinking they can take what they want. Within this town humans seem to cause much more trouble than this one would care to deal with. Phaedra again took the lead today and only needed minor help from this one. This one is thoroughly pleased with her skills.

Day 10
Phaedra has surpassed all expectations. This one is greatly impressed with not only her intelligence but her grace and tact as well. She has had a hand in answering many disputes brought to us. She has truly exceeded what her instructors have said.

Day 20
This one is hearing rumors in every town that we are losing this war against the undead. It would seem to this one that each town has less hope than the last. Morale has dropped since the May’Kar turned. This one knows, though, that Solara and Lunara will see us through.

Day 30
We met some survivors of an attack by the undead. This one has never seen a group so full of despair. This one thanks Lunara that we have Phaedra. She tended to some of the wounded and went about boosting their spirits.

Day 31
A human child died in our care today. Phaedra was greatly saddened by this event. She has told this one that his name was Iain. He was so young. Phaedra has asked this one to accompany her to the funeral. This seems to be difficult for her.

Day 32
The service was short. The child was buried in the cemetery west of town. Phaedra cared for the family. This one laid flowers upon his grave. Today is a day filled with sadness.

Day 33
The young boys sister, Emilia this one believes, has really taken a liking to Phaedra. It’s no wonder she is a great comfort. Their family is staying with us for the moment. Her mother and father thank us profusely for the hospitality but this one informs them that it is our pleasure in helping them.
Day 34
The family has left us today to find some short term home. They were talking of heading to the new continent. This talk is becoming more and more common. Mayhaps that time will come where it is the only option but this one still holds hope in the gods. Emilia was forlorn in having to leave her now good friend Phaedra. She still remains a comfort for the girl and for this one.
Day 35
This one did much running around today. There were still many injured to tend to and this one is no healer. This one did his best to make sure all was running smoothly. There were a few conflicts between some of the refugees. This one is surprised at the petty behavior of some of those who have barely escaped death. Phaedra was looking exhausted so this one told her to rest. She will need her strength later on. We all will.

Day 36
This one is absolutely appalled at the behavior he has witnessed today. The reason these “men” have come back injured is clearly due to themselves. This poor human girl who was helping tend to the wounded was being harassed and called after. Those disgusting amoral excuses for men should be cast out from their ranks. This one stepped in and asked the girl to leave and tend to a different group. This one is furious and will have a few words with the commanding officers tomorrow.

Day 37
This one spoke with their commander today Ser Reginald. This one felt great pleasure in seeing those men get reprimanded and forced to apologize to the poor girl. She thanked this one afterwards and said her name was Mackenzie. She seems like such a sweet girl. This one is glad he could help her.

Day 38
This one has heard that the penitent have been spotted a few days away from the city but seem to be headed away from us. Thank the gods. This one is glad he will not have to see these monsters and their followers. They are abominations believing in their false gods.

Day 39
This one is outraged. He has no words to describe his anger. Those “men” captured and were attempting to force themselves on that poor girl for getting them in trouble. I have spoken with the commander and they are to stand trial tomorrow for their crimes. They will be placed in a holding cell for the time being. This one will make certain they are punished to the fullest extent of our laws. This one will have Phaedra help on other matters tomorrow so she will not be burdened by the disgusting behavior of these pigs.

Day 40
This one is shaken. We were evacuated from the town. The penitent were to be marching there soon. This one must not show fear. This one must remain strong for the group. For Phaedra.

Day 41
We had to make do with taking shelter in an abandoned cottage. The Penitent are not far behind. More and more cities are falling to them and the undead. They must devour the bodies of the fallen or bring them back somehow. It seems to this one, that as our strength decreases theirs increases. It is unnerving to say the very least. This one must remain strong and unshaken. This one must carry on for the group and for her.

Day 107
More and more reports of people fleeing to the new continent. This one is weakening but this one must be strong. For her. The gods will protect us. Won’t they? We are their chosen children.

Day 160
This one does not know what to do. Why do the gods allow such a travesty to continue? We came across an attacked village. The corpses were mutilated. There were women and children. This one must remain strong but this one does not know how.

Day 210
This one is confused. There is so much death and despair. Have the gods turned a blind eye to our suffering? This one is only carrying on thanks to Phaedra. This one must remain strong, for her sake at least.

Day 300
Phaedra and this one were able to finally find some peace today. We walked along the coast at twilight. This one talked of his time as a student. Phaedra seemed entertained at the notion of this one as a student. She says this one is a know it all. This one was also able to discuss his teaching styles and Phaedra reassured him that he is doing well. It was a nice day to have and it did this one good. This one will truly be saddened when he is no longer her teacher. Maybe this one will not petition after two years. We shall have to see.

Day 361
The undead have taken these lands. We must flee. They must be the gods favored children now. We are forsaken. We must continue. This one must protect her.

Day 367
We found a ship but it won’t help. The undead will find us. They are relentless. This one does not know what we have done but the gods are enraged and we shall feel their wrath. This one was a favored child but what has that bought us? A faster death? There were women and children. They were being devoured. What gods bring this upon their people? This one cannot continue. This one wants to lay down and die.

why dead
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Day 577
Phaedra. She has been here taking care of us. Of me. Most of us have died, suicide. Others have scattered. She has been taking care of this one while he has slept, lost in his despair. This one, no, the old ways do not work. They have landed us in this mess. I will be strong for her. I will lead us on. I will carry her as she has carried me. She can rest now. I will show her only beauty for she has seen enough ugliness. I will do whatever it takes to make us strong again. The gods be damned. We shall carry on on our own. I will bring us back to greatness without the gods that have turned their backs on us.

In the Fall of 270 Alestear Retired from his position and took up a simpler life. This is his story:

Finally Alestear had reached his house in Key’s Crossing. He knew it would feel different, but he wasn’t ready for how different. Upon entering, it was obvious that major changes had taken place.  Alestear looked around, taking it all in.  The moment was bittersweet. He was so proud of Cordyn for the things he’s done already, but full of shame and regret that he couldn’t have been this leader himself. He heaved a sigh and trudged upstairs to what used to be his bedroom.  Alestear braced himself for further change and swung open his door. To his surprise not much had been altered. What was most surprising was that the pile of paperwork on his desk was notably smaller than he had expected it to be. Cordyn was really serious about taking over as Magistrate for the Ravens.

What Alestear wanted most at this moment was to go to bed. His body ached and he desperately wanted to fall back into what felt easy. To shut it all off and go to sleep. No one would blame him for putting things off to take time to recover from his time in the front lines in The North. Not to mention the arduous journey back to Key’s Crossing, which is positioned about as far South as a person could go on Mardrun. But Alestear knew that if he was going to do this, now was the time. He stepped through the threshold into his room, closed the door behind him, and dropped what little he carried. Heading toward his desk, Alestear unbuckled his baldrick, letting his sword hit the ground and feeling a wave of relief as the weight of it left his shoulders. His resolve was becoming stronger. 

Alestear did not bother to change out of his dirty clothes or tend to his wounds. He took his place at the desk which once felt so familiar to him and took out a fresh sheet of paper, pushing the rest aside. He dipped his quill into the ink, dabbed off the excess, and held it over the paper. It was so hard to know what to write.  He had had so many thoughts on his journey home, but now, nothing.  

Frustrated, Alestear set the pen back in its inkwell, tipped his head back, and sighed. He ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing his thumbs over his temples.  He had written hundreds of pieces of correspondence in his life, this should be no different.  But perhaps, he thought, Cordyn’s letter would remind him what he wanted to say, or how he had wanted to say it. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a worn and slightly muddy piece of parchment. It was the letter that made him decide to come home. He had read it so many times already when he was up North. Parts of it had echoed in his head and kept him up at night. 

Just one more time. He would read it once more.


I’m not writing to fill you in on the goings on of Key’s Crossing. It’s become evident that you don’t have much left in you that can care for the people that you were supposed to watch over. I’m not writing to guilt you into returning to your post as our Magistrate. I’m not writing to you as a subordinate under a Baron or a Viscount or whatever the hell it is you are anymore. I’m writing to you as a person who sees the pain caused by your actions and as someone who understands how our choices can haunt us and cause us to question how to move forward and how that can lead to choices that just further the hurt and harm.

I saw Saffiyah the other day. There was a gathering in Barleyrow Village in Clan Goldenfield and she was there with some of the other Phoenix. She spoke of how much she misses you. She told me she’s sent you many letters and not received any responses. There was legitimate pain in her eyes. You were both there when what happened to Shin happened and you’ve been her only source of comfort in the months that have come since. I wasn’t there. I can’t tell you how to feel. I can only tell you that I know what it’s like to be part of something, to be an integral part in setting something in motion that hurts innocent people. It’s not something you recover from, but it’s something that you have to learn to live with. It’s something that can give you a purpose. I’m not saying it should drive you into some grand adventure or huge project, but it can be something that helps to drive you to make sure that other people, even just a few of them, don’t feel the pain that you feel.

The Phoenix have a new quirk. They’ve come to the conclusion that seeing a rabbit means that you will have good luck for the rest of your day. Somehow they have come to the conclusion that seeing a Celestine is the equivalent of seeing one eighth of a rabbit. Now most people would take this to mean that you would need to see eight different Celestine to get your good luck, but The Phoenix are not most people. They instead look away and back to the same Celestine eight times to equate that one person to the level of a rabbit. They put in the extra work to pull the joy and luck from what they can. Now I’m not telling you to live your life like a Phoenix, very few can. What I’m saying is that there is a place you can be, with people who want you around, who would see your sheer existence with them as a blessing. You can throw your life away on The Shield and leave behind nothing but more pain at your loss, or you could take some time and spend it amongst people who care for you and brighten their days by having you. I spend a great deal of time with our friends on Fire Isle and I know that they would be more than happy to have you for as long as you’d be willing to stay.

Leave the fighting behind; drop the pretense of titles and conquests; find a home amongst our friends that would be overjoyed just to have you with them. Bring some luck to our plucky friends, The Phoenix.

-Cordyn Lockwell,

 Magistrate of The Ravens


Feeling more sure in his plan again, he pulls a map out from one of his desk drawers and unfolds it, laying it out next to the blank parchment. With his fingers, Alestear traces his path from the Shield back to Key’s Crossing.  And then to the Fire Isle. WIthout him realizing it, the edges of his lips curl up into a slight smile, the first genuine smile since everything that happened with Shin.

With Cordyn’s words, the Fire Isle, and his Phoenix friends in mind, he starts writing

Dearest Saffiyah, 

I’m sorry that I have not been a very good friend. I have not dealt with things well, but the shining hope is that I can call you friend. Your kindness has helped me through dark times and I just want to be the friend you deserve and the syndar you think I am. It would mean the world to me if I could come see you for an extended visit. I have missed you and the warmth of the Fire isle. 

Your friend, 



 As he was writing, silent tears wet his cheeks. He folded and sealed the letter, and immediately went to take it to a carrier. He was determined now. Alestear strode over to his door and whipped it open, but stopped in his tracks. Saffiyah stood in front of him, arm up, ready to knock.  For just a moment, she held a look of shock. Shock the door swung open so quickly, shock at seeing him so uncharacteristically frazzled and disheveled. But then the shock turned into joy. Her eyes light up and a huge grin spread across her face. 

“I came to be your companion and help you get your work done!”, she said with her typical jovial attitude, knocking on his shoulder as it had been placed in front of her outstretched arm.

This was it. Alestear thought he would have to anxiously await her reply for days, but now everything was going to unfold in front of him. And he was ready as he would ever be. He held the letter out to her.

She took it with a smile and turned to walk back down the hall. “I’ll take this to the carrier for you and be right back for the rest-”.  Saffiyah stopped, spotting her own name on the letter. She turned back around immediately, the broad grin returning to her face. 

“Am I allowed to read this now? Or do I need to mail it home first?” she asked seriously.

Only a Phoenix would respond like that. 

Alestear felt a slight chuckle roll up from his stomach, but he let it out as a sharp exhale from his nose. “I think its better if you read it now”, he assured her.

She smiled and pulled on the ribbon beneath the wax seal, breaking it, then she unfolded it in front of her. 

They both stood there, silently, while she read the letter.

The suspense waiting for her response was painful. And the silence was piercing. Alestear watched her face carefully as she read it, and he could feel his own heart racing.  As her eyes scanned the paper, they became more and more shiny, until finally a few rolled down her cheeks.  She rubbed them away with her sleeve and sniffed, still reading.  

Alestear could feel his throat tightening.  He tried to clear it quietly, so as not to bring notice upon it, but it was no use.

Finally finished, Saffiyah looked up from the letter, the whites of her eyes slightly reddened. 

“Permission to hug?”, she said, her voice quavering.

“Of course”, Alestear choked out.

She embraced him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. It was comforting.

He put his arms around her too. It had been a while since he’d received a hug. He didn’t realise how deprived of touch he had really been until this moment. Alestear could feel his chest getting tighter. It almost felt like somebody had wrapped a string too tightly around his heart, and it was aching to burst free from it. He could feel the lump in his throat getting bigger, and the tears welling in his eyes. He tilted his head back slightly, it was all he could do to keep the tears from escaping. 

“It’s okay,” Saffiyah whispered, tightening her grip slightly.

And that was it. It was like someone turned off his control over his tear ducts. Tears streamed down his face, rolling over his cheeks and dropping off of his chin. And they just kept coming. 

He sobbed quietly in her arms, occasionally letting out sharp exhales when he couldn’t quite keep them down, and then gasping out for fresh air. Not only was he holding his breath to keep the sobs down, but it was hard to remember how to breathe in that moment. 

Alestear was very aware of every second passing, worried that he was making her uncomfortable, a voice in his head telling him that despite what she said, it was not okay, and that he should stop.  He thought too that she would pull away at any moment, but she didn’t.

After some time, the tears stopped on their own.  And his breathing returned almost to normal, with the occasional sharp breath punctuating his inhales.  He was ready. Alestear gently pulled away from Saffiyah. The relief of tightness in his chest had been considerable.  When he was able to see her face again, it was clear that she had been crying too. Her eyes slightly puffy from the salt of her tears. She smiled at him, and then slipped past him into his room.

She started collecting his belongings from around the room and placing them on his bed. 

“What are you doing?” He asked, hesitantly.

Saffiyah stopped and looked over at him, with the most serious look he has ever seen from her, and replied,

“I’m taking you home.”


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