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Alana Alice Tallstag

CHARACTER NAME: Alana Alice Tallstag
PLAYER NAME: Kit Shortridge
RACE: Ulven
CLASS: Warrior

In 266 Clan Riverhead was destroyed by Mordok, leaving very few survivors to rebuild the community. One 12 year old ulven girl survived the attack by hiding in a hollow tree outside Daggerford. Alone, scared, and with no home to run back to she sat there for weeks, cold and hungry living off the shriveled and sour leaves that her mother had shown her so long ago. One misty morning she was woken up by the sound of people passing by. She quickly rushed over and saw three men and a woman walking along a little dirt path. She ran out to greet them and realized she recognized one of the men. “Dorn?!? Is that you!?!” she cried. “Alana! You survived. I was sure someone your size would have been burned along with the others” he said. “Well I guess I’m so small that I wasn’t noticed when I ran away!” Alana said. She remembered her mother standing in the middle of the commotion saying “Alana! Run!! You GO! GO! RUN AS FAST YOU CAN!” And she had. Leaving everything behind her. Her family, home, friends, andthe market where her father sold barley. But now that Dorn had found her, she was safe.

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