Al Sydly

Played By: Kelly Peterson
Character Name: Rindis zawjah Nasir, al Sydly, al Phoenix waw Kae’Rim
Character Name Translation: Rindis, Wife of Nasir, the Apothecary, of the Fire Isle and the Kae’Rim
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Age: 103
Birth: High Summer, The Year 162
Race: Syndar (Phoenix )
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Alchemist, Herbalist, Trader
Known Skills: Alchemy, Herbalism
Birthplace: Faedrun, On the Phoenix Trade routes of the May’kar Desert prior to Mara Yargis’ enlightenment
Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, moderately tall. Dresses in mostly wraps and tunics as a compromise between Phoenix dress and the more modest and higher coverage expectations of the Kae’rim.
Notable Traits: Wear’s a hijab. Rather consistently carries items to sell.



Rindis was born on the Phoenix territory of the May’kar desert in the year 162. She was born to the caravan lifestyle and traveled as a child with her parents and her tribe, learning desert survival and the ways of trading alongside practical skills like alchemy and herbalism, which always served a Syndar in good stead (be she in the desert or the plains).The phoenix lifestyle in the desert suited her well, but as a young adult she began to undertake special trading trips to locations off the typical routes as an excuse to wander.

One of these trips took her to a section of road that she shared with a young Naran mage. He was on the cusp of taking up travel as a way to better himself. She found him both interesting and entertaining. The two took to traveling together, exploring bits of Faedrun. In the outskirts of Naran territory they bordered on scandal, the young native mage traveling alongside the bold and blunt Phoenix Apothecary. A combination of the young Naran’s curiosity and Rindis’ own wanderlust led them beyond the borders of Nara Pentare, permitting the two to make enemies and friends abroad from both of their homelands.

It was a sad day when the message arrived for Rindis’ Naran friend. Though in the same heartbeat it was a message that gave him the path to making his own way as a true adult and not just a mage traveling to learn more about himself. Thus, Rindis returned to the May’kar desert and her tribe, while the young Naran reported to Vandregon’s 5th for his final proving. Rindis’ help would only have brought doubt to his honor, and that was unacceptable.

It was two years later that she regretted not continuing to travel alongside him. The 5th were routed at their keep in a failed attempt to use a ritual to destroy the undead foes. The garrison keep was lost. Her friend is a celebrated hero who stood in the face of the enemy with courage. One of the many whose mortal remains were never recovered to be mourned and seen into the next life.

Rindis tried to live quietly and on her own after that, having discovered exactly how painful having friends can really be in such a world. The malaise didn’t survive long, however, in the naturally enthusiastic and chipper faces of the nature of the Phoenix. She grew in knowledge, mastering herb after herb, and alchemical mixture after alchemical mixture.

She followed Magis Yara on the quest for a place where one doesn’t have to worry about how quickly your friends might die. She sailed on Solara’s will, facing the hardships of the ocean. She watched more who were dear to her suffer and die despite her best efforts. But in total, Solara’s promise is fulfilled, and the Fire Isle rises in glory from ashes like the namesake of her people.

It was many years later she was amongst those who made the effort to make contact with the Ulven. And from there she, and her long-held wanderlust, was amongst those who resumed the running of trade routes and began to travel the length and breath of Mardrun. In many ways it was much like traveling Faedrun, and in others it was profoundly unlike anywhere she had ever been before.

It was the lands around Serai that her heart belonged to, following the May’kar settlement being built. It reminded her of the desert she had been born to, and the past she would never be able to forget. She made friends amongst both the May’kar and the Kae’rim who traveled in the desert and built no settlements. Eventually, one asked her to come with him, to marry him.

Contrary to the typical Phoenix approach to this, she said yes. Al Mo’alej, her healer, was someone she cared deeply for, and wanted no technicality to ever separate her from him. The last dear friend she’d left alone had been struck down without her, and her Nasir was even more dear to her than anyone she’d ever met. Even her family. So they were married, and she became Rindis zawjah Nasir, al Sydly, al Phoenix waw Kae’rim. The name people shouted when they needed her attention was no longer “Rindis”; Now she was “Al Sydly”, the Apothecary who worked beside the healer Al Mo’alej.

And so now she once again travels in May’kar territory, her life having come full circle.


Timeline of Major Life Events:

  • Year 162: Rindis was born.
  • Year 173: [REDACTED] was born in Nara Pentare.
  • Year 199: Rindis (age 37) & [REDACTED] (age 26) raise hell as traveling companions.
  • Year 201: Rindis & [REDACTED] part ways, him to go work with the 5th, her to return to her people.
  • Year 203: [REDACTED] meets his end to the Undead Hordes. Rindis believes the reports.
  • Year 232: Enlightenment of Magis Yara. Phoenix exodus begins.
  • Year 261: Phoenix make contact with the Ulven.
  • Year 263: Serai Founded. Rindis Marries Al Mo’alej, becomes Al Sydly.
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